Winter in Rioja Wine Country and Two Beautiful Basque Capitals

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You’ll sip Cava if you’re lucky enough to spend New Year’s Eve in the Rioja region and surrounding Basque Country. And you’ll eat 12 gorgeous globe-shaped grapes, too, at each stroke of midnight. That Spanish tradition—which is harder to do than you might guess-- is one that people in nearly every region uphold.

But the Cava itself, well that’s something to enjoy all season long, and especially wonderful served with pintxos, those cuisine-in-miniature appetizers that are so famous here. You’ll be amazed by the luxurious local ingredients in each bite, including the coast’s astonishing seafood bounty.

The winter season brings other things to celebrate, in the lively cities of this part of northern Spain—Bilbao and San Sebastián. Their stunning settings and their art and culture, minus the summer crowds, make them most enjoyable now.

Raise a glass to it all this winter on Romotur’s Essential Basque Country Tour.