Architecture and Landscapes


The modern wine cellar, designed by the team of Matetic Vineyards in conjunction with the architect Laurence Odfjell, was built in 2004, taking into account every detail of the winemaking process and the care of the environment. It harmonizes the organic and biodynamic agriculture practiced in the vineyard and the natural landscape of the valley, merging with its surroundings.

Casa do Rio

Featuring the perfect combination of modern architecture in nature, with only 8 suites facing Douro River, it is an unique hotel, strategically located between the vineyards and the river and with an outstanding view. 


The small winery Bodegas Lecea, without the resources of the large winemakers groups, has carried out, with effort and dedication, an impressive work of recovering abandoned underground wine cellars in Cerrillo Verballe of San Asensio, La Rioja.

Bodegas CARO

The heart of Bodegas CARO beats in an historical urban winery built between 1884 and 1895. The peculiar architecture of the building reminiscent of Neo Roman and Spanish style makes is a landmark of the Mendozan cityscape. In 2003, when Nicolas Catena and Baron Eric de Rothschild bought the old winery, they set up a master plan of structural consolidation and aesthetic restauration. This year, a new space entirely dedicated to wine tourism opened its door to the public for day and night tastings as well as cultural events.


Bodegas CARO is located in an historical urban winery from 1884 which has been totally consolidated and restored from 2003 on after it was bought by Nicolas Catena and the Baron Eric de Rothschild.The building reminiscent of Neo Roman and Spanish style opens its door to the visitors for day and night tastings and hosts cultural events in an elegant space entirely dedicated to wine tourism.



Davis Estates

Davis Estates, located in Calistoga, California, involved an extensive rehabilitation of an historic barn built in 1916. They offer a travel back in time on a tour of the historic property, offering a glimpse of how Davis Estates developed. The tour concludes in the tasting room, where the open terrace provides stunning views of the Calistoga terroir. Take in the sights and enjoy a tasting flight of flagship wines paired with an array of seasonal delicacies from the Executive Chef.

Neus Winery

The winery including the appropriate building and park ensemble was newly enlivened since it has become property of the Mainz business family Schmitz in March 2013. The villa from the Gründerzeit was built in the years from 1881 to 1883 according to the neoclassical style and was classified as a highly modern farm building in those days.

Along the protected farm villa and the winery a generous and also protected park with an old tree population stretches which invites you to stroll along. The cautiously renovated rooms radiate a special valency. With intentionally used style elements it was possible to modernise the grand winery building appropriately and to create a tasteful ambience for wine presentations.

The newly designed wine house in which you can taste their own Burgundy wines also radiates timeless elegance. In 2016 it was awarded the architecture price wine by the Chamber of Architects Rhineland-Palatinate.


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