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Casa del Visitante - Viña Santa Julia

Located 40 minutes away from Mendoza City, Santa Julia Winery has a Wine Cellar for tourism where visitors from all over the world, every day of the year, can find an awesome spectrum of enotouristic alternatives. It is in this place where the Art Gallery is located.

From the year 2003 to the present, Bodega Santa Julia Art Gallery is a space for local artists to exhibit art, giving visitors the opportunity to combine the world of art and wine. The most distinguished Mendocinian artists, sculptors, draftmen and ceramists have exhibited in Santa Julia with a sustained agenda overtime for more than 15 years. Three times a year the works of art are rotated, making the space a dynamic backdrop for events and wine tastings. The Art Gallery is the place for contemplative enjoyment of wine and Argentine culture, the pillars of any great touristic experience.

The Hess Collection

The Hess Collection winery is part of a historic site where wine was first produced in the 1860s. The original stone structure, hewn by masons in 1903, is now joined by The Hess Art Collection, a world- class showcase of contemporary art. Current Release Tastings are offered on a walk-in basis (subject to availability), and the Hess Collection offers a variety of exclusive culinary experiences featuring menu items from the winery’s culinary gardens (available by appointment).

Wagner Winery

Together with their parents the „three Wagner brothers“ and their wives run the 300-year-old family business within the historical centre of Essenheim. Each family brings in their skills in the maximum way which creates a winetouristic world to experience.

Originally the six Wagners are an oenologist, historian, mineralogist, journalist, biologist and hotel manageress. They create the frame for their especially culturally coined winetouristic experience.

Whether with a cabaret stage or farm festivals, wine and crime readings or children’s events in the vineyard where the young generation takes care of its patrons vines – the Wagner winery lives wine culture.


Monteviejo Winery
Focus on the development of cultural and art services, spaces and projects, with an emphasis on artistic experimentation, interdisciplinarity
and accessibility .

Weingut Wilmshof

This year’s award for Art & Culture goes to the winery Weingut Wilmshof in Selzen. The winery Weingut Binzel has been family-run for generations and - apart from a commitment to winegrowing and a comprehensive offering of dining experiences centered around wine - is characterized by its holistic approach to the motto “Wein ist Kunst” (wine is art). The dedication to design of art lecturer and master winemaker Tobias Mohr is reflected by the extraordinary wine store and works of art. Lattice boxes that have been converted into wine racks provide the room with highly unusual, innovative aesthetics.


The Baburizza Museum during 2015 and 2016, has been location of different events that empower domestic wine industry. These activities have brought together more than 7,000 people during the period mentioned, and thanks to this, and the experience lived, where people enjoy the exquisiteness of wine and pictorial heritage museum, we have awarded first place in category "Art and Culture" of the #BestofWineTourism 2017. We thank the organization for this recognition, which gives us the desire to continue working to unite two captive tourist attractions in the city: wine and art.


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