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Museu do Douro - Territory Museum

The Museu do Douro (Douro Museum) as a territory museum has for its mission to represent the natural and cultural heritage of the Douro Demarcated Region, declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. It’s both a collective space of the wine region’s memory and identity, in a constant dialogue with the present, and at the same time, an appreciation tool of the activities associated with wine growing, cultural tourism and wine tourism.


Auberge du Soleil

Terraced along a sunlit hillside and nestled among a 33-acre olive grove, the “Inn of the Sun” is renowned for its culinary roots, sweeping vineyard views and exceptional service. Indulge in the best of wine country at Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley’s most iconic luxury property.

Auberge du Soleil is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of outdoor sculpture ever assembled for viewing and sale. The Auberge du Soleil Sculpture gallery is owned by ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens and is open to guests of Auberge du Soleil or by appointment.

BOEIRA Portugal in a bottle

Quinta da Boeira has 3 hectares of hundred-year-old gardens at whose centre stands an early-20th-century stately home.

Over the years, the events area has been adapted to suit the changing needs of social and business events. A restaurant was established within the main building, a glazed hall with room for over 200 guests was built in the former stables, an exhibition and events hall for over 300 people was created within the former port wine warehouse, and, most recently, a tasting room for Portuguese wines – the Biggest Bottle (Garrafa) in the world.

Weingut Jean Buscher

This year's award for Art and Culture goes to Weingut Jean Buscher of Bechtheim in southern Rheinhessen. It is not only committed to sustainability in viticulture but also dedicated to individual customer service focusing on theme wine tastings, festivities, and conferences. The wine estate, which has been managed as a family enterprise for generations, has established a reputation especially in the field of Arts in the Vineyard for itself. Every year since 1984, the family has been treating to "Art and Wine". Objets d'art by well-known national and international artists, surrounded by wooden barrels, wine press, and bottles, present a singular setting for experiencing art on the "Walk of Art".

Jamieson Ranch Vineyards

Jamieson Ranch Vineyards, home of “Double Lariat” Cabernet, is the southernmost winery in the Napa Valley. Allowing convenient access from many Bay Area locations, visitors sense that something special awaits them upon entering the gates of the winery. From award winning wines to wine pairing educational experiences, JRV is the perfect spot for all Wine Country visitors.


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