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Bodegas y Viñedos Marqués de Carrión

On the banks of the Ebro River, in the beautiful town called Labastida, we shall find the wineries and vineyards of Marqués de Carrión. This perfect geographic situation, created a magical and attractive place to live the culture of wine. Our winery evokes a very avant-garde and modern style in total harmony with the traditional process of elaborate wine. The art, the culture of wine and the most advantage technology coexist in Marqués de Carrión.

La Motte Wine Estate

Perched on the slopes of the magnificent Helshoogte mountain pass and surrounded by sweeping views across stunning vineyards and mountains towards Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. This prime location provides a sense of escape and privacy for the guests, while ten sumptuously decorated lodges, each with their own private plunge pool, invites complete relaxation in an idyllic setting. Here, guests can enjoy art and design, gourmet food, award-winning wines and a world-class Spa featuring a range of products and exclusive treatments.

Centro per la Cultura del Vino I Lecci - Centre for the wine culture

It is Museum of the Grape and Wine, a conference centre and a wine bar, laying on a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. The Museum offers a historical and scientific illustration of the wine making process with the laboratory of the senses, a new experience for adults and children where visitors can smell, feel, touch, see and hear about different aspects of wine and grapes. The conference facilities host big and small events and offer all kinds of equipment.

IG Rheinhessische Weingewölbe

Eine außergewöhnliche Besonderheit der Architekturgeschichte Rheinhessens sind ohne Frage die „Kuhkapellen“. Etwa ab der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhundert wurden diese Nutzbauten im Stil eines Refektoriums mit gewölbten Decken gebaut und beherbergen heute Vinotheken, Verkaufsräume und Weinschenken. Seit 1999 organisieren die in der Interessengemeinschaft Rheinhessische Weingewölbe zusammengeschlossenen 43 Eigentümer regelmäßig Kulturveranstaltungen und kulinarische Events und pflegen und bewahren so diese einzigartigen Räumlichkeiten.


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