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IG Rheinhessische Weingewölbe

The ‘cow chapels’ are a very special feature of architectural history in Rheinhessen – built in the middle of the 19th century in monastic refectory style. Today they are used as wine tasting parlours, sales rooms and wine taverns. Since 1999 regular cultural and culinary events have been established by 43 vault owners and members of the Rheinhessen Wine Vaults Syndicate who are engaged in cultivating this architectural cultural heritage and unique feature of Rheinhessen.

Winzerhotel Himmelacker

In den traditionsreichen Mauern des Weingut Storr entstand 1993 das kleine Hotel Himmelacker. Die siebzehn Doppel – und Einzelzimmer sind mit 4 Sternen des Deutschen Tourismusverbandes ausgezeichnet. Die Gästezimmer sind über das stilvoll restaurierte Gebäude des Weingutes verteilt. Der schön begrünte Innenhof ist im Sommer ein beliebter Treffpunkt nicht nur bei den Gästen.

Winzerhotel Himmelacker

The small Hotel Himmelacker was constructed within the walls rich in tradition of the Storr wine estate in 1993. The seventeen double and single rooms have been awarded 4 stars by the German Tourism Association. The hotel rooms are spread around the stylishly restored buildings of the wine estate. The beautiful courtyard with its plants and flowers is a popular meeting point in summer, not only for guests.

Vinothek Bingen am Rhein

In einzigartiger Lage am Tor zum UNESCO Welterbe Oberes Mittelrheintal erwartet die Vinothek Bingen seine Besucher. Der Blick auf die Burg Ehrenfels, den Mäuseturm und das Niederwald-Denkmal bieten allein schon ein traumhaftes Ambiente für erstklassigen Weingenuss von gleich sechs Winzern. Die Vinothek Bingen lädt Gäste aus aller Welt mit seinem auch internationalen Kulturprogramm aus Lesungen, regelmäßigen Kunstausstellungen, spannenden Themenverkostungen und musikalischen Events ein. 

Vinothek Bingen am Rhein

With its unique location, the Vinothek Bingen serves as a special visitor center at the gateway to the Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site. The views of Castle Ehrenfels, the Mäuseturm tower on its island in the Rhine and the Germania Monument in the Niederwald above Rüdesheim alone offer a splendid ambiance for enjoying the work of six different winemakers. The Vinothek Bingen entertains guests with its international cultural program consisting of readings, regular art exhibits, exciting theme tastings and musical events.

Finca La Anita


Basada en las 70 hectáreas de viñedos bien cuidados, Finca La Anita tiene una pequeña bodega en el terreno. Las tradiciones y la cultura se respetan mucho allí. La producción y un marketing específico muestran una fuerte filosofía de trabajo teniendo en cuenta la protección de la imagen de una antigua finca mendocina, el paisaje y la expresión cultural de Mendoza. Finca La Anita es también un lugar de exposición donde artistas locales exhiben sus obras. Se destacan fuertemente esculturas religiosas del siglo XVII y las obras del famoso escultor chileno Lorenzo Domínguez.

Finca La Anita

Standing on 70 hectaries of very well looked after vineyards, Finca La Anita has a little winery on the spot. Traditions and culture are very much respected there. The production and a specific marketing show a strong working philosophy taking into account the protection of the image of an old mendocinean finca, the landscape and the cultural expression of Mendoza. La Anita is also an exhibition place showcasing local artists works of art. Religious sculptures of the 17th century or works of the famous Chilean sculptor Lorenzo Dominguez are strongly highlighted.

Bodega El Faráon

The decision to participate in the innovative wine tourism experience category has origin when the first Argentinean proposal was born ninety years ago, where science, technology, history, art, and wine have shared a common cultural and touristic project ahead of its time in FARAÓN brand, recognition which still remains linked to that project since 1921.


Casa Vinícola Reyter

An historic winery founded in 1888, one of few located within easy reach of the wine capital of Mendoza. In 2005, the estate opened an art gallery which displays works by renowned painters and sculptors from Mendoza and further afield in Argentina. The concept of practical art is celebrated here; meaning you will find chairs, lamps, tasting bars, even a sculptured gazebo where you can sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine. 

The Hess Collection

For three decades visitors to Mount Veeder experience the twin passions Donald Hess captured under one roof with The Hess Collection Winery & The Hess Art Collection. Our historic winery is artfully paired with world-class contemporary art, creating a lasting memory for guests, who enjoy legendary Cabernet Sauvignon from mountain vineyards that are among the highest in Napa Valley.


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