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Cais da Villa

A place with historical value, elegance and comfort, resulting from the rehabilitation of the centennial railway warehouse of Vila Real station. Place of history and modernity, from the atmosphere to the menu, the tradition of the local flavours is preserved and integrated into a creative cuisine, fused together into a wonderful experience. 

Bodega Casa Vigil

Casa Vigil is located in a beautiful location in the heart of the department of Maipú, Mendoza. This is a winery that offers its visitors a different outing in which wine and literature are combined to give way to a unique wine tourism experience. Alejandro Vigil takes you to the magic world of Dante’s Divine Comedy in his Casa Vigil.


Casa Vigil belongs to the very well-known agronomic engineer Alejandro Vigil. It offers —to locals and visitors- a particular charm originating from the fusion of Maipu’s landscape —a traditional wine region of Mendoza-, innovative architecture and an inviting menu. Each plate is prepared with products from our orchard. The excellently ranked wines are the treasure of the winery where art and history are the pillars of this great sensory experience.

Dante Alighieri’s glorious poem is the conceptual inspiration sensed in every corner of the winery. In the Republic of Chachingo the visitor is offered a tour through Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise with a different pre-established punishment to that of the Italian poet. Here in Maipú visitors are seduced by a blend of flavors and delighted by the whole portfolio of Enemigo wines. Under the eyes of Dante, Virgil and Beatrice, Casa Vigil presents its dishes, which breathe the magic world of the Divine Comedy felt all through the winery. This special winery restaurant offers tourists and locals alike product cuisine, family recipes, plentiful dishes and familiar ambience.

Napa Valley Wine Train

One of the few active historic passenger railroads in the United States, the Napa Valley Wine Train offers an engaging and memorable experience that echoes the glory days of train travel, with fine dining service, multi-course meals, Napa scenery and ultimate relaxation aboard exquisitely restored antique rail cars. 

mundart Restaurant

In the old part of Nieder-Saulheim the restaurant is located in a protected homestead harmonically matching the historical structure of the village. Beatrix und Markus Hebestreit provide seats for 45 guests on to levels as well as an idyllic inner courtyard for 50 people.

The focus on wine is guaranteed by the 80 sparkling wine and wine positions, a third of which is changed every three months to offer maximum variety. The gastronomical offer is completed by German cuisine with French elements. The friendly service including great wine knowledge combined with upper class cuisine was the reason for the jury’s nomination.

Los Toneles - Abrasado


Abrasado is an elegant restaurant located in Los Toneles. This winery stands in a unique setting: its architectonic style honors the original foundation, in 1922. The building was declared Mendoza‘s cultural heritage site in 2008. The sophisticated winery is located at remarkable short distance from downtown.



With the award in the category Wine Tourism Restaurants, the jury honored the restaurant Vis-à-Vis in Osthofen for its successful combination of fine regionally inspired cuisine, a comprehensive wine list dominated by wines from Rheinhessen and the tasteful conversion of the cow chapel of a former wine trading house with a homestead. Alongside wines from their own wine estate Spieß, the wine list also features products of other award-wining wineries as well as a selection from winemakers that are friends of the hosts.

Portofino Restaurant

Since 1998, Portofino Restaurant has encouraged the best cuisine in the Fifth Region, thanks to good food, its strategic location and excellent service.   It inspired the progress of Valparaiso, Portofino Restaurant, adds to the port city as a gastronomic heritage, providing a space of international standard.   Portofino Restaurant, offers the best place for celebrations, business meetings or simply for tasting a good dish. Here, we find the perfect fusion with Casablanca Wines.   From the top of one of the most important fishing coves of the city of Valparaiso, Portofino Restaurant presents itself as a gastronomic example, which generously welcomes tourists.   We are gastronomy, we are port, we are Portofino Restaurant.
Best restaurant in Valparaiso Casablanca Valley, Great Wine Capital.

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