Art and Culture in “Estancia El Cuadro”, Casablanca Valley – Valparaíso City

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In the heart of Casablanca Valley, just 50 minutes from Santiago city, is “Estancia El Cuadro”, founded in 2009, with 750 hectares, an enormous house of 2.400 square meters, and one of the main wine tourism centers. This vineyard offers classical music concerts, guided visits that tell the history of the wine museum, represented by wooden figures carved by hand, performances of dancing and folklore, a garden of grapes with 26 vine varieties, part of the educational tour, and an exhibition of barrels painted by students from schools of Casablanca town.

From the beginning, Estancia El Cuadro has been a Company of tourism and events, strongly related to the culture of Chilean wine and local traditions.  Roberto Meiss, the Vineyard Manager, comments during the visit: “the idea was to create new tourism experiences, seeking a differentiation from traditional vineyards, in tours and wine tastings”. Mainly, the goal of "El Cuadro" (as it is called) is to enrich and complement the visitor experience by including cultural, heritage and historical values ​​of this capital of the world of wine: Valparaiso|Casablanca Valley.  This familiar vision has allowed several educational activities and entertainment, unique in the valley, to be offered by Estancia El Cuadro; such as classical music concerts, where young talents of Casablanca have the opportunity to show their music performance in Free Concerts Series; a tour through the vineyards riding on a horse-drawn carriage, a tour through the exceptional garden of grapes, where you can find 26 vine varieties, which are producing the great majority of wines in the world (interesting for those who are beginners in discovering the wine world), an educational demonstration of Chilean rodeo, and a performance of Chilean national dance "cueca", exhibitions of painted wine barrels, tours to “Wine Museum”, where didactic and great wooden sculptures, explain the origin of wine tradition in our county, in addition to impactful replicas of the master of all: Bacchus or Dionysus, and many others.

Tours are available from Tuesday to Sunday, beginning at 11:00 am, and ending at 16:30 pm.  At this time, just in a few hours, we learned about main Chilean traditions and customs, and reinforced the love for traditions a little bit forgotten.  Estancia El Cuadro always seems to be celebrating the month of nation, and its bilingual or trilingual staff is always willing to explain politely what a Pinot Noir is, why the “huasos” are used to dress like that, or the differences between the vine varieties.

Roberto Meiss tells us that one of favorite parts of the tour among foreigners (and us) is the half-moon, which must be one of the most active in the region. Where the Chilean Flag is always raised with respect, and the National Anthem is sung in solemnity.  In the meantime, some “huasos” are in charge of teaching visitors the secret of rodeo, and folkloric dancers show the best of “cueca” and of our folklore.

The best way to end the day in Estancia El Cuadro, is to have lunch in their Chilean Cuisine Restaurant, you have to be impressed by the wonderful dishes prepared by one of the best cuisines of the Fifth Region, giving you an unforgettable and learning experience, with unique tours in the capital of world wine in Chile, an experience that yes or yes, you would like to repeat again!

Estancia del Cuadro received a 2016 ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ award in the Art & Culture category.