Music and wine in the Heights

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Everyone in Mendoza has a tendency to look West. Throughout Argentina’s wine region, the imposing Andes mountains line up along the western front catching your eye between sips of Malbec. The mountain view probably makes Mendoza one of the best-looking wine capitals, and so it was rather clever of ‘Music and Wine in the Heights’ to take advantage of this great view and hold their music series on the rooftop!

Every Thursday for the harvest-time months of January through to April, a musical night with wine as a key player in the experience takes place on the City Hall’s terrace which overlooks the leafy capital city and gives you a perfect mountain backdrop for sunset. The events are wrapping up now as the autumn cools into winter, but it has been another full agenda this year with local musicians and local wineries working together in harmony to create a special event for locals and tourists alike.

I headed down there one Thursday to experience it in person. Perhaps because it is a free event, and everyone loves free wine, it is really popular. So taking heed of a friend’s advice, we arrived 30 minutes before kick off time (8pm) to get in the line which was quickly accumulating outside as everyone anxiously waited to get a good seat for the show.

After taking the lift up to the rooftop, the winery of the night (Santa Julia) was set up with a table offering wine tasting to savour while the band warm up and get in position. We were in for a treat that night, tango paired with Malbec. Classic Argentina.

As the chords of the bandonean danced their way around the terrace, the sunset put on a fantastic show to match. The sky turned flame red, only to be beaten in colour with the purple-red hue of my Malbec.


Music and Wine in the Heights’ was the 2016 winner of Great Wine Capitals’ Best Of Wine Tourism, in Art & Culture  category in Mendoza, and with the perfect combination of music, wine and stunning views - it’s music to your ears.

Article by Amanda Barnes, a British freelance writer and editor who specializes in wine and travel writing. Check Amanda's blog by clicking here: Amanda Barnes