Viña Casas del Bosque - Casa Mirador in Chile's Casablanca Valley

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Author: Pía Orellana

The approach is slow, unhurried . Casa Mirador is immersed on a small hill which is reached by climbing some steps that have just the right distance to allow rest and enjoy the landscape. The wind is strong and is evidenced by the presence of a centenary hawthorn, sculpturally twisted in the wind direction . As we are going up, we are leaving the stress of everyday life, smelling the scents of lavender and ground, providing an exquisite relaxation, that prepares you for what is to come.

There is the house, which is not a common house.  It’s a place for people to make wine tastings and which offers a unique cuisine, but with a homemade connotation, so that the hosts can serve their guests as if they were at home.

The house has an architecture capable of combining: a sense of perpetuity, as if the house has been here for centuries, with the character of a contemporary construction.

Its architect, Matías Zegers says that "it is a simple construction of two volumes, which has a very entertaining story space, and that surprises all time. The entry has a very small door, that carries to a very narrow and tall courtyard, which contrasts with the wide view of the valley and with the soft sound delivered by a water source... somehow all help to make you feel relax, and prepares you for what  comes ".

Then you enter the living room, which is the darkest place in the house, because there is only one long and low horizontal window that provides a cut panoramic view.  As the owners desired, a big chimney and a bar, together with an accurate decoration, are the responsible to give people the most welcoming atmosphere.

From this simple place, you reach the dining room, the central place of the house,  as we might be expected, it is the opposite to the living room; here everything is light; in fact, it gives the feeling of being outside again, thanks to the absence of the frames in the enormous windows.

A table of six meters long is the perfect place for wine tasting. Then, behind a huge black concrete block, you can find the kitchen, spacious and with natural light, where they prepare each of the dishes so that guests can taste with wines.

Leaving the dining room, you reach an open courtyard, closed by walls, where you can find a barbecue inside, covered with small pebbles and with an old olive tree located in the center, and with a big window without glass, installed there just to frame the view.

Zegers explains "The idea is that this place allows a moment of introspection. If you are tasting wines in the vineyard, I like to think about that architecture should be in silent, supporting to experience places in a powerful way and connected to the senses ".

The landscaping was carried out by Bernardo Valdes, who, contrary to what you might expect, opted for a design that does not look natural. A giant halo of stones,  scented flowers and plants surrounding the house, with the firm intention to help in stimulating a senses experience to each visitor.