Where the Walk of Art leads into the Walk of Wine

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Bechtheim. Jean and Jeanette await the visitors on the terrasse in front of the Winelounge, both are life-size ceramic sculptures, made by Klaus Schultze, a well known sculptor from the Bodensee. "Art is not to be avoided here", says Jean Michael Buscher, in evident understatement. For 33 years now, the winery Jean Buscher has been staging art in intrinsic company with wine, no wonder they won the Great Wine Capital Tourism Award 2016 in the category of Art & Culture.

Jean Michael Buscher leans onto barriques with heads of casks designed by artists


A walk of art leads into the new Winelounge, as the Buschers call their presentation rooms. It is a row of metal seals, built into the floor, each shows an engraved emblem styled by an artist. On the semi-round walls of the room, shelves of rusted iron sheets contain wine bottles and art pieces alike. The metal seals repeat the series of special wine bottle labels out of thin layered, multi-colored brass. Over 17 years, 17 artists from around the world designed the special brass labels, 900 bottles each, always filled with a special wine.

There's one that features clowns, another the kiss of the muse. And one of the round pieces of art celebrates the opening of the Berlin Wall, called "L'ouvertüre". "Look here", says Buscher, and opens a tiny cotton bag, containing little pieces of stucco, "those pieces are from the Berlin Wall, my brother in law collected them personally." The bags were part of the Buscher's special wine edition in 1990, enshrined also on some heads of casks in the cellar.