Major urban projects are developing in Bordeaux, pulling investment opportunities to the region. For instance, the tramway is the backbone of Bordeaux’s efficient modern urban transport network. By 2007, 44km of track and 84 stations were constructed, involving a €1 billion investment program. The new high-speed train (TGV) will be open in 2016 connecting Bordeaux to Paris in 2h30 and Madrid/Spain in 3h30, but there are many other business sectors that are developing in the area:


Aquitaine is the world’s leading region for the production of AOC wines. It is also professional in terms of quality-label production. It offers a host of quality products with significant added value, such as maize processing, foie gras production, oilseeds, fish farming, farmed caviar, and fruit and vegetable preserves.

Aeronautics and Electronics

DASSAULT business aircrafts (Falcon) and DASSAULT Rafale are powerful planes produced in Bordeaux. The field of civil, military and business aeronautics maintenance and construction contributes to a turnover of 4 billion Euros, 27,000 direct jobs, and 9,000 subcontracting jobs. There are 18 major companies located on 30 production and test sites, with 250 Industry SME sub-contractors.


The region is home to the largest companies in Europe and in the world in this sector, with all civil and military activities represented. With names such as Airbus, Ariane Espace, Boeing, Bombardier, Nasa, Cessna, and Eurocopter there can be no greater testament to the strength of this exciting industry in the region.

Communications Technology

The Bordeaux area is the third-ranked French region in terms of the number of companies in the telecommunication sector. In terms of IT services and ICT manufacturing, it ranked 4th and 5th respectively.

Health Sector

More than 500 companies in the pharmacy and health sector in Aquitaine employ 8,500 people in the pharmaceutical industry, medical and biotechnology fields. Bordeaux is also home to one of the leading French hospital centers. Alongside large international groups such as Serono, Sanofi Aventis, Abbot, Ceva Santé Animale… a number of specialist SMEs are rapidly developing services with high added value.


The Bordeaux School of Biomolecular Technologies offers higher education. The University Hospital Complex works on technology and research and is ranked 4th in France. The European Institute of Chemistry and Biology in Bordeaux inaugurated in 2003 and it reinforces the scientific potential of the city.

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