1. Initial education classes

BeM Management School, Bordeaux

It has been 10 years since BEM embarked on its engagement with wine and spirits, a commitment that is embodied in two management courses in Wine, a dedicated research team and participation of the school in professional and academic networks at regional, national and international levels.

BEM Wine & Spirit MBA

a 23-month program, offering wine & spirits management courses during four distinct sessions taking place in Bordeaux (France), Adelaide (Australia), Sonoma (California), and Hong Kong.

Specialized Master in Wine & Spirits Management

a new and unique programme (MVS) which provides a practical and specifically adapted response to the needs of the wine and spirits sector

Bordeaux University Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2

PhD in Oenology and Ampelology

The PhD is a first professional experience. It enables students to acquire scientific skills in several fields of activities and to develop their knowledge on the economical international sphere.

Bachelor’s degree in wine production

This formation has the objective to accompany the diversification of the jobs in the management of the vine and vineyard sectors by developing the skills of intermediate jobs in Company management in the wine-producing sector, quality and environmental management in the wine-producing sector, manufacturing process control

Master in Oenology and environmental issues

Courses directed towards research or production in the wine sector: Master “Professional” or  Master “Research” oriented

Master degree in viticulture and oenology

Cluture, cellars’ equipment,  selection, breeding, elaboration, products analyses, quality control, technology research in wine production

Bordeaux Sciences Agro Engineers School

Master in Agricultural Sciences with Specialisation in Viticulture-Oenology

Specialized courses preparing students to their first professional position in a specific field with a specialization in viticulture-oenology, including the technical, economic, legal, commercial and environmental aspects of grape production and the wine industry.

2. Continuing education courses

IPC Wine and Spirits

Sales Managers for Wine and Spirits Companies

For individuals in training leave: trains managers directly ready for firms of wine and spirit industry (production, sales...)

Bordeaux University Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2

DUAD: University Diploma in Wine tasting Aptitude

This formation, intended for foremen, technical managers, sales agents and directors, restaurateurs, sommeliers has for objective to improve aptitudes to physiology of taste and smell, mechanisms, techniques and rules of wine tasting, organoleptic characteristics of wine in function of grape variety, soil and winemaking methods, etc.

Intended for:

3. Consumers’ Classes

Bordeaux Wine School - Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Wine School offers a large variety of classes that give a foundation, which enables the consumers to find their way around the vast universe of Bordeaux wines.

WSET - Wine & Spirit Education Trust

This program organizes wine education courses, spirits courses and wine tastings for professionals and enthusiasts. It delivers foundation and intermediate certificates. The courses enable the students to identify the different grape varieties, to associate wine and food, to describe the main characteristics of the grape varieties in the world and to develop their skills in the wine tasting process.