Mendoza is the leading viticulture center of South America, and as such, it produces and exports wines to numerous countries, mainly its distinctive variety: the Malbec. It is also a producer of cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, syrah, tempranillo, merlot, chardonnay, semillon, chenin and bonarda.

The terroir, very good climate, intelligent management of the vineyards, technology, common sense and logistics of the winemakers have allowed Mendoza to obtain expressive and concentrated wines that assure the markets a high volume of a very high quality and competitiveness.

With the Wine Roads and 136 companies designed in 16 rural circuits, you can enjoy the alliance between tourism and the products of our land. In Mendoza’s countryside, the aromas of grapes, apples, cherries and peaches mingle with a variety of vegetables and wild fruits.

There is a total of 217.760 ha. of wine production (2011).  

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Mendoza is the 4th exporter province of Argentina. The province connects the Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean, which makes Mendoza enjoy a key location. Its wide export services such as logistic, financial and communication infrastructure offer great opportunities to place Mendoza's products throughout the world.

The principal continents exported to are South America, North America, European Union and Asia. The main destinies are the United States of America, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia and Benelux.

Main items of Mendoza exports are: Wine; petroleum; oil; gas and petrochemical; olives, fruits and vegetables (fresh, dried and processed); industry (applied to the food and beverage, oil, mining and hydro electrical industries); mining, etc.

In 2011, Mendoza export sales reach an amount of 1.70 billion USD. 

The great increase in wine production has lead to permanent high levels on investment in the industry that has resulted in the success of Mendoza's wine providing premium quality products with very good relative prices.