Cape Town | Cape Winelands

Plan your wine tour in the Cape Winelands and discover the pearly white beaches, charming fishing villages, and world class vineyards. 

 A trip through Cape wine country is guaranteed to leave you giddy: if the landscape alone doesn’t do it, the food and wine certainly will.  The fertile green valleys of the Cape Winelands are surrounded by proud mountain ranges, towns and villages, featuring historic homesteads and monuments. There is no best time to visit the Cape Winelands as each season reveals something special. Revel in the bright summer sunshine as you sip chilled wine with an alfresco lunch, or cuddle up next to a roaring fire with a glass of red in the winter.  Autumn reveals splashes of deep red and orange in the vineyards, whereas spring sprinkles the roadsides and mountain sides with wild flowers.



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