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April 11, 2017

After a first edition that matched the highest of expectations and a second one that confirmed all of Love Tiles Douro Granfondo’ potential, in 2017 the biggest cycling for all event in Portugal will go down two tracks, the one of growth and the one of internationalization, gathered under a common denominator, Friendship.

Friendship is Love Tiles Douro Granfondo theme for 2017, one of the most noble and beautiful feelings there are and that we strongly encourage towards all those who give their contribution for the success of this and other Bikeservice’s events, especially those who pedal for pleasure but also sponsors, mayors and other authorities as well as our contributors.

In 2015, we had over two thousand registrations, which immediately set a new participation record in cycling for all events in Portugal; a year later, in 2016, with the unforgettable presence of Italian cycling great Francesco Moser, we reached three thousand, clear evidence of Love Tiles Douro Granfondo’s growth potential. For 2017, the bar is raised up to 4000 cyclists and a foreign participation of around five hundred, for we also aim to show the wonders of Douro to a larger number of athletes from other countries.

In 2017, Love Tiles Douro Granfondo will have all things the previous did have – stunning landscapes, three different and challenging courses suitable for everybody, emotion, parallel activities, gifts and surprises -, besides the commitment we put in every event we set up.

All this and, of course, a lot of Friendship!

Last day for entries: April 15

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