Mendoza will take Vendimia and malbec to Buenos Aires to celebrate the Malbec World Day!

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April 16, 2018 to April 17, 2018

In the month of the celebrations for the International Malbec Day, which is celebrated on April 17, in Mendoza are organized are different activities. One of them will take place in the City of Buenos Aires and its objective is to show Argentinians and foreigners two well-known expressions, typical of the culture and idiosyncrasy of our province.


The show, written by Rodolfo Braceli and with the general direction and music specially composed by Claudio Brachetta, will feature the participation of 100 artists on stage preseting folklore and tango.  The National Folkloric Ballet and the Tango Company and TeHarTango will participate in the launch.

Prior to the show, there will be a cocktail in the same theater with the best Malbec of the province. 

Apart from that, more than 100 celebrations in 75 countries around the world!

Join us with a glass of Malbec from Mendoza!