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A special presentation illuminates an era of present-day Rhine-Hesse that dates back 20 million years, thus providing an insight into a part of regional geology. 20 million years ago, Rhine-Hesse was covered with tropical shallow water. Algae formed gigantic reefs, snails, mussels and fish lived in lagoons. Crocodiles and tortoises roamed the transient area of the region, whilst rhinos, deer and other mammals lived on the land.

This small yet fine exhibition shows just how beautiful Rheinessen's soils can be. Large wall panels document the colourful variety of sands and soils from various regions of Rhine-Hesse. The varied material was compiled by Verena Reinmann and was artistically captured on canvases or wood using a special technique. The original material is thereby preserved as it is in nature.  The fact that Rhine-Hesse can be exhibited internationally is demonstrated by a comparison with an artwork on which original soils from 123 countries can be seen.

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