TARABUST Aphonic and Sonorous

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December 14, 2017

TARABUST: Aphonic and Sonorours in Monteviejo Winery

On November 19, took place the exhibition of visual arts & music “Tarabust, aphonic and sonorous” born from the annual project of artistic experimentation, Reincarnations directed by Gabriela Nafissi in Monteviejo Winery.

The proposal is currently exhibited in the winery and includes the production of visual and sound installations performed by pairs that included a visual artist and a musician, working with fragments of texts written by musicians, psychoanalysts and essayists as triggers of productions.   

The artists who are part of the project are: Vivian Magis & Seba Garay, Matias Ruarte & Victor Silione, Mónica Souza & Paula Neder, Leo Pedra & Hernán Gómez, Romina Baigorria & Lilian Giubetich and the special participation of Deborah Dixon.

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