Family Fun in the Vineyard

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Mainz and Rheinhessen even make the hearts of the youngest leap for joy, as in the Great Wine Capital Mainz, the Gutenberg Museum with its print shop is a great destination. What brings Gutenberg and wine together? The children will get to know the connection between Johannes Gutenberg's groundbreaking invention, the printing press for letterpress printing with movable letters, and a screw press as a wine press for extracting juice from grapevines. In the print shop they roll up their sleeves put their white cloaks and turn themselves into small printers á la Gutenberg. Of course, the children can take their creative motif prints with them!

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How is grape juice produced? Children have the opportunity to find this out in the “Kinderwingert” (Children’s Vineyard) project, which is offered in various vineyards and wineries in Rheinhessen. Of course, in this project they also become active themselves! Under the guidance of the association “Kultur- und Weinbotschafter Rheinhessen e.V.“ (Ambassadors of culture and wine), which has already received the Best of Wine Tourism Award twice, the kids turn into vine patrons.

In the vineyard the children witness firsthand how the vines develop. Step by step, they can follow the process from the planting of the vines to their care and see how the grapes grow, develop, are picked and pressed into grape juice.

Between each visit, the ambassadors of culture and wine also keep the children informed about changes in the vineyard. In the “Vineyard Book“ all activities and the development of the vine are recorded. In addition, children create a plant guide in which they press and put in collected plants. In the lessons, the history and effects of the individual plants are finally presented. In this way the children not only get to know the work processes for grape juice and wine production, but also learn how to treat nature in a sustainable and future-oriented way.

Another project of the ambassadors of culture and wine is the “KinderKulturTag” (Culture Day for Children): School classes can take part in children's tours of various cultural sites in Rheinhessen on this day. In addition to the guided tours on Culture Day for Children, Rheinhessen also offers many other exciting tours.

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