The Global Best of Wine Tourism Award goes to: Masi Wine Discovery Museum

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The Masi Wine Discovery Museum was awarded in Adelaide as Global Best of Wine Tourism 2019. 

This multi-media visit involves a “full immersion” in the world of wine and takes in viticulture, and winemaking techniques with particular reference to Appassimento and the history of Masi’s Boscaini family. The highlight of the visit is stepping into a 50,000 litre vat that served as a maturation vessel for Campofiorin for more than 10 years. Get ready for a unique multi-sensory visit: in three minutes you will experience 7 days of fermentation through pictures, and aromas and sounds, all taken from live.

Visiting the Wine Discovery Museum is an integral part of the tour of the estate and finishes with a tasting of selected wines.

The Masi Wine Discovery Museum is an experience dedicated to the world of wine with a multimedia and multi-sensorial path, rich in educational and emotional values ​​where wine and food narrate the ancient art of "know how to make quality".

This wine experience is an opportunity for knowledge, exploration and relaxation  with “Masi Wine Experience”, the culture and hospitality project that Masi offers to the public by opening not just the doors of its historic headquarters in Valpolicella but also the other centres of hospitality where Masi’s spirit and philosophy have become the guiding principles.


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