Anteprima Amarone - Verona

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Anteprima Amarone is the annual event organized and promoted by Valpolicella Doc Wines Consortium. Over the 14th edition, the participating wineries will present the vintage 2013, the next vintage of Amarone to be released on the market,  to the media, industry, wine connoisseurs and wine lovers. In addition to the vintage 2013, the public will have the chance to taste a selection of older vintages chosen by the wineries.

Amarone is one of the most famous and prominent of Italian red wines. It is obtained by using grapes that are dried in special rooms called “fruttai”. The nice thing about Amarone is that, although it is “technically” a wine made from dried grapes, it is still a dry wine. Its special fermentation makes it transform almost all its sugar into alcohol so that it naturally achieves a very high alcohol content.

From 28 to 30 Janaury 2017, Anteprima Amarone, now in its 14th edition, is considered the main event of the appellation, in which the exclusive "Iconic Wine” from Valpolicella is the protagonist: over 70 wineries  releasing their 2013 vintage as well as an older vintage.

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