Official launch of Casablanca Valley´s emblematic Sauvignon blanc was celebrated.

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In the beautiful seaside Cove of Quintay, the official launch of Casablanca Valley´s emblematic variety was celebrated.

Without a doubt Quintay has demonstrated to be an excellent location for this gathering, where year after year the value of one of the most important strains is enhanced. There are more than 2,445 hectares, which represent 41% of the hectares planted in the Valley. These are fed by soils that are rich in minerals, coastal winds and a unique climate all attributing to a Sauvignon Blanc from Casablanca that cannot be compared in aromas and flavor.  

More than a hundred guests were able to enjoy their summer day alongside some of the bests harvests of these vineyards: Casas del Bosque, Cono Sur, Veramonte, Morandé, Emiliana, Viña Casablanca, Indómita, Kingston, Loma Larga, La Revoca, Matetic, Viña Quintay and William Cole, which showed each of the guests and the media invited that 2017 was a great year for the SB variety.

As it is to be expected, a great variety must always be accompanied by an incredible pairing, and the Macerado Restaurant shined with delicious preparations, using deep sea fish, octopus, abalone, oysters, seaweeds, among other local delicacies.