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The women of the wine world are often profiled as being something new and unusual but historically there has always been influential women on the Bordeaux wine scene, as well as many others working behind the scenes. Jean de Bellon was the first owner of Chateau Haut Brion in the 16th century. Françoise Josephine de Sauvage d’Yquem was thrown into prison twice during the French revolution but she continued to make Yquem prosper. More recently, Baroness Philippine Rothschild continued and expanded her father's work at Mouton Rothschild and today Corinne Mentzelopoulos owns and runs Chateau Margaux with her daughter. There is nothing new about feminine power in Bordeaux wine.

Adelaide, South Australia is surrounded by fruitful wine regions. From the big bold Shiraz to the delicate Riesling, the various types of soil used to grow, harvest and vintage the most specular wines are scattered throughout the state's many cellar doors and wineries.


The medieval walled village of Laguardia in the Rioja Alavesa region in northern Spain is a great place to spend a relaxing weekend.  This village was founded as a fortress located on the top of a long, narrow hill with a commanding view of the surrounding landscape.  For centuries, battles between the armies of Castille and Navarre took place in the region for the control of the plain between the Cantabrian mountains and the Ebro river.

Douro is Portugal's most famous and one of the oldest wine region in the world, and when it comes to wine tourism, it doesn't need much of an introduction. Summer is usually better for long stays but autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for a relaxing short break.

Travelling is one of the best things in life but sometimes planning a trip can get tiresome. If you don't want to spend hours, or even days, in front of the computer searching for the right escape, relax, grab a glass of wine and sit back while we present you with some great suggestions.

For wine lovers, Verona offers a great choice for a weekend getaway. Here are some suggestions to enjoy history, wine and relax.

An unforgettable experience in Casablanca Valley, tasting premium cool wines.

Only 40 minutes separate Viña del Mar from Casablanca, halfway between Santiago and the coast, so for some it is just a stop along the way. However Casablanca Valley, can be transformed into an unforgettable destination for a weekend getaway.

Into the mountains: A weekend getaway in Mendoza


Every weekend in Mendoza, the Andes mountains beckon. Whether you visit for a hike, a bike, a climb or a ski - the active traveller always has their hands full. But so does the wine lover…

Vineyard Domhof, Wine hotel Kaisergarten and Vineyard Peth - three wineries for a perfect weekend in Rheinhessen

Vineyard Domhof in Guntersblum:
The vineyard Domhof in Guntersblum offers the opportunity to enjoy wine in all its glory, and there is plenty of space for all sorts of parties. After your wine tasting session, you may spend the night at the vineyard in the associated hotel “Schlafgut”.

Just as any first-time itinerary to Europe should include such iconic sites as the Eiffel Tower and St. Peter’s Basilica, your first trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley should include some must-see experiences. Go for the legendary venues, the ones you’ve been hearing about for so long. Everybody needs to see the Mona Lisa once, right? Here are some of our top picks for a perfect, first-time-weekend-visit.

Château Rochefort and Domaine du Burignon - Lausanne - amazing places for spending your weekend getaway!

Château Rochefort : at the heart of Allaman, a picturesque village in La Côte, Château Rochefort serenely watches over its estate’s four hectares of vines.

Domaine du Burignon : with its unique situation in the middle of the vineyards, the Domaine du Burignon proposes to its visitors a dive in the authenticity of Lavaux.