Mainz and Rheinhessen even make the hearts of the youngest leap for joy, as in the Great Wine Capital Mainz, the Gutenberg Museum with its print shop is a great destination. What brings Gutenberg and wine together? The children will get to know the connection between Johannes Gutenberg's groundbreaking invention, the printing press for letterpress printing with movable letters, and a screw press as a wine press for extracting juice from grapevines

Imagine you’re a young couple with two small children.  You’re also wine lovers and would like to visit a Rioja winery.  But you have a problem:  you can’t find a baby sitter and your parents are busy.  What do you do with the kids?  The answer is simple – bring them along! 

Children are always welcome in Argentina, and that’s no exception in wine country. Restaurants and bars will have families eating and drinking late into the night and kids are usually welcome to wineries as well.


If you are planning your visit with a troupe of children, don’t panic! There are a host of wine-related activities that keep both parents and children entertained in Mendoza.

Christmas in Mendoza is a sunny, summertime affair. Although there’s plenty of nougat to go around on the 24th, you can forget any notion of a white Christmas in this wine capital. Embrace the late nights and balmy summer days and be prepared to swap your winter fireplace for a summer BBQ!


The holiday season is the perfect time for visitors from the northern climes to visit South Australia—remember, it’s summer here! Welcome the New Year with bountiful barbecues, seafood feasts, and days for venturing from sunny beaches to surprisingly cool-climate high-altitude wineries, like Deviation Road, where some of our favorite sparklers are made.

Cava is one of Spain’s most unusual denominations in that it is shaped by method rather than by geography. Though most fans know it as a product of the Catalan region, a number of Rioja wineries also make Cavas. And they’re what locals pour at celebrations here, where cuisine, art, and architecture bring on the season’s cheer.

In winter, with the grapes harvested and winemaking well in hand, a different, more intimate Napa emerges. Now the region invites cozy getaways, hearty fare, and some of the world’s most spectacular Cabernets. One delicious way to delve in is on a Beau Wine Tours single-vineyard tasting at Sequoia Grove Winery. We just won the “Best Great Wine Capitals Experience” for 2019 for this one—come savor it.

Winter is especially beautiful in Porto. Throughout the season, travelers revel in the sparkling views of the riverfront, the city’s wonderful cuisine, and our beautiful Port wines. If you’re lucky enough to be in Porto on New Year’s Eve, you can enjoy it all from aboard a river cruise, with fireworks lighting the sky, too.

Discover the magic of Christmas during a weekend in Lausanne Region

Our favorite time of the year is coming, the Christmas holidays!

This is a wonderful time, which brings together family and friends and includes an endless array of parties. The whole holiday season offers us dozens of reasons to open a good bottle of wine and make a toast!