Weekend getaway in Casablanca with the smell of wine and nature

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An unforgettable experience in Casablanca Valley, tasting premium cool wines.

Only 40 minutes separate Viña del Mar from Casablanca, halfway between Santiago and the coast, so for some it is just a stop along the way. However Casablanca Valley, can be transformed into an unforgettable destination for a weekend getaway.

Casablanca is recognized nationally for its excellent wines, pleasant climate, typical food and country traditions, which is why the activities to develop in the valley are unlimited.

Ideal day in Casablanca begins with a tour of the vineyards. To start with energy we can choose a bike tour, to actively explore the place and enjoy nature. A picnic and a wine tasting among the trees, sounds perfect for Saturday's plan.

Hospitality in Casablanca is undoubtedly an attraction, since many traditional houses have been set as hotels, recreating a cozy and country atmosphere, enjoying breakfast of the countryside, with free range eggs and fresh milk.

Among the attractions that the vineyards of valley give us, we can find the first Casablanca Wine Museum, walk on live ceilings over the wine cellar, biodiversity, coexistence with farm animals, horseback riding, carriage rides through the vineyards, meals outdoors and tasting the best cool wines.