The capital city of Mendoza was founded in 1561. The old city or town of clay for its adobe building, left ruins after the earthquake of 1861, rising later the new town west of that, next to the foothills, being at the heart of both the current divisor San Martin Avenue.

Mendoza now has all the services in major cities worldwide, an extensive commercial and recreational proposal and an offer of accommodation from one to five stars, apartments, hotels, hostels, cabins and camping sites throughout the province.

Casinos, nightclubs, theatres, museums, wine bar, pubs, a rich cultural and artistic cuisine and regional specialties make up the offer for recreation and leisure.

Mendoza is the wine center leader in South America, and as such wine produced and exported to many countries, especially its distinctive variety Malbec.

It is also a major producer of cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, syrah, tempranillo, merlot, chardonnay, semillon, chenin and bonarda. Through field trips “wine roads” you can benefit from this Alliance between tourism and the products of our land.

In the Province of Mendoza are mixed aromas of the grapes, cherries, peaches and a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

The Cerro Aconcagua, the Summit of America since its 6.962 m leads throughout this province, where generous geography of mountains, valley rivers, spring, plans, desert and magical oasis, offer opportunities to enjoy Mendoza 365 days a year.

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