Château Feely

One hour away from Bordeaux, in the beautiful setting of an organic and biodynamic vineyard overlooking the Dordogne Valley, Château Feely offers 2 luxury eco-conscious cottages dating from the 18th century. The ideal place for a nature-rich holiday. A strong ecological spirit guided the restoration of the Wine Lodge and the Wine Cottage, with a special care given to every detail : use of natural lighting, noble material, organic paint...Fully in tune with this philosophy, guests never forget to give the organic waste to their feathered friends...


Chateau La Dauphine is a property at the heart of the appellation in Canon Fronsac. It dates back to the 16th century, its name is inspired by the visit of wife of the Dauphin of France 'La Dauphine' and the Chateau, built in the 18th century, still reflects all the elegance that you would expect for such a prestigious visitor. Here however, tradition meshes seamlessly with the ultramodern and the owners' wish for visitors to understand the winemaking process from vineyard to bottle and a superb wine/food experience.

Discover wines from all over the word thanks to our tasting sessions during Bordeaux fête le Vin, from June the 23rd to June the 26th.

Wine experts will give you all the keys to know everything about our capitals wines in beautiful places, such as the Palais de la Bourse or the very recent Cité du Vin.

Come and taste wines from Mainz (Germany), Cape Town (South africa), Napa Valley (USA) and even Mendoza (Argentina) !

Program and reservations here

The Great Wine Capitals pavilion will feature tourist information about each member city and wine region as well as daily contests to measure visitors’ knowledge about wine and great wine capitals’ regions, with an attractive range of prizes for the winners.

Innovation is in Yves Vatelot's DNI.  The inventor of the 'Epilady' has applied his engineering talent and innovation skills to create a first class wine tourism experience at his Chateau de Reignac, winner of a 'Best Of Wine Tourism' award for Innovation in 2016.

On May 31st took place the inauguration of the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, an world wine center dedicated to the culture of wine... It just opened to public opening on June 1st!

Valérie Labrousse, Golden Best Of Wine Tourism 2015, Innovative wine tourism experience category, Bordeaux

Of course, receiving a Best Of Wine Tourism  is an award for several years of work aiming at creating innovative and welcoming visit concepts.

For small properties as Château du Payre, it is an opportunity to get promotion locally thanks to the several press releases circulated. A heartwarming highlight, especially as our estate is not situated  in a most touristic area. 

2016 will be a great year, with the opening of the Cité du vin, the Bordeaux Wine Festival, and the European soccer championship in July,  all events creating a very festive atmosphere.


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