The wine sector can offer a real opportunity to transform passion into a proper work.

Verona is the perfect place to enjoy a good glass of wine while simultaneously immersing yourself in the art, music, culture, and culinary traditions of Italian life.

Discover our best culinary experiences!

Experience 7 days of fermentation in just 3 minutes: because to be virtually immersed in the bubbling purple liquid appeals to children of all ages.

Wine, food specialities, culture, meetings and entertainment come together in a unique experience in Verona and Valpolicella.

When culinary art meets Italian passion the result is a unique unforgettable experience.

In Verona Wine Country we believe that making wine tasting a family friendly experience could add great value to our territory. Several initiatives have been taken to combine wine tourism with kids entertainment. Explore some of them and….enjoy a glass of wine while your children are involved in many pretty amazing activities!

During the Christmas period, Verona is permeated by a magical atmosphere, as well as many other cities. But in this city the tourist can visit the largest Italian Christmas markets, which embrace the historical center. Additionally, there is the famous Christmas Crib Exhibition at Piazza Bra and other exhibitions, itineraries and activities Christmas – themed, like Verona Minor Hierusalem, a path between art and history, to visit little known churches of the city.
Here two accommodation’s proposals to spend a memorable Christmas holidays in Verona.

“Masi has created a new interactive experience within the ‘Masi Wine Experience’ circuit in the Tenuta Canova Wine Museum, enriching the offer of the Veronese territory and confirming the company’s commitment to the dissemination of Italian wine culture.”

Two different women with the same philosophy: an excellent production while respecting the environment.


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