Young Guns of Wine from Verona

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Massimago Winery

Located in the Val di Mezzane valley (Eastern Valpolicella) over a hill surrounded by woods, this estate is managed with creativity and strong determination by Camilla Rossi Chauvenet and her coworkers. The name of the winery is from the Latin "Maximum Agium", maximum wellness. It has belonged to the family since 1883 as a country house, but it has been completely reset in 2003 as an innovative winery, when Camilla decided to devote herself to the wine world. In 2004 she produced her first 1000 bottles. Nowadays, Massimago also is a relaxing place where you spend your holiday time or having a wine picnic in the vineyards.

Massimago is a young wine company run by young people - the average age is less than 35 -but Camilla is the true heart and the brain of the winery. As she says, "we have never been aware of the actual economic potential of our Company but suddenly, starting from a warm country house, Massimago is becoming an artist's studio, a creative workshop, my real workroom for my thoughts. It is also strange to me to call it a Company!". Her goal is "to stay close to the land we own, and promote it in the most eco-friendly way we can. And, of course, sharing our love for the wine! "Innovation and sharing" is my motto, because wine is sharing ideas, projects, dreams, emotions, not only a winemaking style".

San Mattia

Corte San Mattia is a small Agriturismo located on the crest of the Torricelle, the hills that look onto Verona from the north. The surrounding countryside produces wine, olive oil and many other organic products. Here guests can sleep and eat, as well as taste and buy our products.

Connected to the Agriturismo there is the Giovanni Ederle Winery that produce every year a small amount of high-quality wine made with local grape varieties and original ideas. The Company was founded in 2005 and is run by young people; Giovanni, the owner, is only 31 years old. The vineyards are looked after from young people who are very happy to welcome anybody who wish to find new tastes and know something new about the agricultural world. The organic farming, the respect of the grapes and a natural vinification, along with original ideas, enable the company to bottle every year the local terroir and the passion of all the people that work here. The most famous wine that is produced is Amarone della Valpolicella, but also Valpolicella Superiore and Donna Francesca are very important for the Winery. 

Le Marognole

Le Marognole, a lovely property high up in the hills in Marano di Valpolicella, with 6 hectares of pergola-trained vines.

The winery name embodies the essence of the surrounding area -- Marognole, its birthplace -- and originates from the name of the typical walls of stones in this land that terrace the hillsides. In the local dialect they are “MAROGNE”!

The winery founded in 2004 is situated on the site of an old monastery. The owner and winemaker Fabio Corsi combined his passion with a well-defined mental image of world-class Valpolicella wines, and began producing wine under his own label. Today, Fabio personally oversees all aspects of the winery operation with the assistance of his family.