Digital internship portal opens global prospects for wine students and local businesses

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Wine students looking to broaden their global insights can register their interest to travel to our Great Wine Capitals regions as part of an exchange to study and gain invaluable cultural experiences, thanks to a new online internship portal.

The portal will match students and wine businesses with Great Wine Capital cities to gain experience at cellar doors, vineyards, wine marketing and many more areas in the hospitality sector or wine industry.

The portal was developed by Great Wine Capitals Business and Research Committee, with leadership and support provided from the University of Adelaide.

University of Adelaide Program Director – Wine Business, Marni Ladd said the portal provides the opportunity for real knowledge exchange between the world’s leading wine regions.

“International learning and work experiences are particularly important for any business schools and university wine business students,” Ms Ladd said.

“But more broadly than this, businesses within the wine sector will benefit by being able to recruit local graduates with global exposure and experience, as well as having access to interns from all over the world who can bring insights from other regions, markets and cultures.”

Interested students and businesses can upload their resume or information direct to the portal. In addition, businesses seeking an intern can express their interest on the portal.

Only students and businesses in Great Wine Capitals regions can use the portal.

Access the portal at