Les Celliers de Sion, an amazing wine and tourism experience in the heart of Swiss Alps

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Les Celliers de Sion is the meeting of two traditions and their respective skill sets. It is the history of a friendship between two families, and of a partnership in which each respects the identity of the other.

When Varone joined forces with Bonvin in 1992 to create “Les Celliers de Champsec”, the two companies sealed their destinies. What had started as a purely financial partnership slowly evolved into a joint endeavour in which the companies shared a common goal. Though initially in competition, today their product ranges aspire to represent the full diversity and potential of Valais winemaking.

Through its history and heritage, Bonvin showcases the estates and terroir, while Varone places the emphasis on a sensory approach to wine. The two complementary approaches ensure that absolutely everyone will find what they are looking for, as well as getting the chance to discover wine in a new light. The new building was inaugurated in autumn 2017, shortly before the 25th anniversary of Varone and Bonvin’s initial association.

Throughout your hike along the Bisse de Clavau, you will have the opportunity to stop off at one of our charming “guérites”. These ancient little houses once served as overnight cabins for the winegrowers, or as storage depots for their equipment. Les Celliers de Sion has capitalised on this legacy, transforming the guérites into places of hospitality and culinary enjoyment. Each has its own unique personality, distinguishing itself through its wine, its cuisine and its architecture. You will be served nothing but regional produce while you’re there!

Come to the Lausanne region in Switzerland and visit Les Celliers de Sion!