CHANGINS: from vine to table!

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The wine School courses

The school allows the general public as well as professional to be introduced to the world of wine or enhance their expertise in many fields. With over 60 courses ranging from basic knowledge to expertise levels it will walk you through all the aspect around viticulture and Enology.

The mains subjects are:

- Wine tasting and sensory analysis (beginners to experts levels)
- Learn about grapes and “terroirs”
- Discover the “Wines of the world” (from Bordeaux to Italy, Burgundy to the New World, Switzerland…)
- Viticulture and winemaking techniques
- How to make your own wine, beer or brandy
- Introduction to the broad universe of sensory testing : wine, olive oil, liquors, etc..
- The grape and wine market-management-legislation

Each course is generally dispensed in the evening allowing for continuous training and corporate seminars.

A specific training to prepare the Swiss Federal Sommelier Diploma is also available.

A 1 year cursus each Monday from September to August, with more than 300 wines and spirits tasted.

Partnership with the “Ecole hôtelière de Genève"

The Specialized School of Viticulture and Enology bachelor

This cursus delivers a Bachelor of Science (BSc) as part of the HES-SO (“Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale”) network. The graduates will acquire theoretical and practical expertise in the fields of viticulture, enology and wine business management allowing them to become recognized oenologists.

The Specialized School of Viticulture and Enology master

This cursus delivers a Master of Science in life Sciences (MLS) specialization Viticulture and Enology jointly dispensed by the HES-SO and the Vinifera EuroMaster consortium. It provides students with an acute expertise in today’s complex wine industry production and economic challenges. Focus is on knowledge of grape to wine, management to market competencies. Pupils will spent 1 year on-site in CHANGINS following the 120 ECTS program and 1 year in one of the Vinifera Euromaster universities.

The Technical School Viticulture Swiss diploma

A 2 years cursus in grape growing and winemaking developing the necessary skills to run a small business in this field. It is sanctioned by a Swiss Advanced Diploma (brevet) or Advance Federal Diploma (Maîtrise) in grape growing, winemaking and arboriculture.

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