Sion Wine Tour - discover the town of Sion in the heart of Swiss Alps!

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If you like to combine beautifuls wines with local history, come on in the region of Lausanne, and visit the town of Sion with Sion & Wine Tour, a 2020 Best Of Wine Tourism regional winner!

Here after, in order to make your mouth water, a little description of some of storicals places you will discover during the tour.

"Place de la Planta"

Remains from Neolithic times (5000 B.C.) were found here in 1980 when an underground car park was being built beneath this square. These first farmerbreeders established the oldest known «village» in Switzerland at this spot. Later this square was situated at the foot of the walls which surrounded the town of Sion from the 13th to the 19th century. The square subsequently served as a fair, parade and sports ground. Today «Place de la Planta» provides the setting for a whole range of events. At the top of the square, the statue known as «La Catherine» commemorates the accession of the Valais to the Swiss Confederation in 1815.


A local landmark very dear to the hearts of the people of Sion, the Sorcerers‘ Tower is the principal remaining vestige of the walls which once surrounded the town. Erected as a fortification tower in the course of the 14th century and added to the angle of the town walls, it was subsequently converted into a prison and fitt ed with a roof. Its name recalls the witches‘ trials from the 15th to the 18th century. Inside the tower, in the hall of justice, the visitor can still see traces of the instruments of «strappado» torture used to «question» the victims.

"Church of Saint Theodule"

Cardinal Mathieu Schiner had this church built in honour of Saint Theodule, the first known bishop of the Valais (4th century) in the 16th century. Its choir is the finest example of flamboyant Germanic Gothic preserved in the canton. This site was the location of thermal baths in Roman times and subsequently a funerary site from the 4th to the 18th century. From the 8th to the 12th century, a crypt church was erected here, to which pilgrims flocked to venerate there lics of Saint Theodule.

Quick description of the Sion & Wine Tour :

For a minimum of 2 people, an guided tour of the old town including the tasting of 5 Sion wines, a Valais selection of cold
cuts and the discovery of 3 historical sites (Place de la Planta, Sorcerers’ tower, Roman baths).
Departures: 3 per day - at 10:00, 15:15 and 17:00
WHEN All year round, upon reservation
Monday to Saturday
DURATION 2 hours
PRICE € 51 per person

Sion Tourisme, Place de la Planta 2, 1950 Sion, +41 27 327 77 27 -