Castel Daval : an amazing experience in the heart of Swiss Alps!

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Quick view of history

Ancient water tower, the Castle of Daval was built in 1949 to stock water to irrigate the vineyards. The castle was built on a big rock on the top of the hill. This construction has a medieval style by its facing in dry stones and its crenels. The Castel de Daval was the first to offer some wine tourism experience in the Valais. Every guest is welcomed with a wine tasting and a visit of the winery. The next day a breakfast with only local products from the family is served to the guests. The Castel de Daval received the Gest Review Award 2018 from 

Daval, more than a "simple" castle

The Colline de Daval is a family farm where different fruits and vegetable are produced such as grape, apricot, peer, apple and raspberry. The philosophy here is to highlight the local product by controlling the entire production from the plantation to the sales. More than a castle and winery, the Colline de Daval gives a real experience to their customer by welcoming many groups for wine tasting, escape room in the barrel cellar or for a lovely stay at the Castel de Daval. Monique & Bertrand Caloz-Evequoz are now assisted by their two sons Benoît and Damien who represents the 5th generation.

Luxury rooms for an amazing experience

The actual Castle offers 5 luxury rooms with bathroom, one kitchen and one living room. Outdoor areas are especially well maintained to offer to our customers the chance to appreciate the nature of our area. The Wi-Fi connexion is also available and during the summer time it is possible to borrow some bikes.

The rooms take their name from some typical wines varieties. The colour and the atmospheres represent in every room a specific wine.

Room “Païen”

Beautifull room decorated with a yellow-gold colour. This room remained us the taste of the Païen, exotic fruits and nuts. 

Room « Petite Arvine »

Because of its light green colour and its furniture made of wrought iron, this room evokes the vivacity and the freshness of the wine: Petite Arvine. This room has a beautifull view of Bernese Alps. 

Room « Pinot Noir »

Spacious and peaceful, noble like its wine: Pinot Noire, this room has magnificent touch of red colour which remains us some little red fruits. The Pinot Noir' room is located on the north side with an access to the beautiful garden

Room « Cornalin »

The colour of black cherry gives to this room a silky atmosphere like the vine: the Cornalin.

Room “Malvoisie Flétrie » (Tower)

Really warm atmosphere, it remains us the crystallized grape, withered in the sun. Situated in the tower, this room offer to our customer a great view of the entire region of Sierre and an access to a wonderful terrace..

Come on in Lausanne Region and visit Castle Daval in Sierre! You will leave an amazing wine and tourism experience in the heart of Swiss Alps.