High-level e-learning platform to improve your knowledge about wines from Rioja

March 25, 2020

The DOCa Rioja Regulatory Council has launched Rioja Wine Academy, a new digital bilingual education project consisting of four courses: "Rioja Wine Diploma", "Diploma in Rioja Wine for Trade and Distribution", "Diploma in Rioja Wine Tourism" and "Rioja Wine Certified Educator".

The new online school will thus expand the range of a project that began in 2016 with the course titled Official Rioja Wine Educators, which has awarded certificates to 100 people from more than 20 countries. The current aim is to provide a more comprehensive educational tool at the service of wineries and professionals in the sector (sales, distribution, trade and wine tourism teams) to enable them to obtain more training on Rioja and its wines.

Thhis official digital academy has been created to provide more training to professionals in the sector, given the huge demand seen in recent years among professionals with different profiles.

“The DOCa Rioja Regulatory Council is taking a step further in its provision of high-level training and is committed to offering anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of Rioja the chance to acquire a thorough understanding to build their confidence when it comes to carrying out their activities. They will thus be able to convey the virtues of this wine region with higher standards and in a more concise manner, explaining what distinguishes Rioja from other areas of the world”, stated its president Fernando Salamero when asked about the aim of this new initiative.

Rioja Wine Academy will offer four courses (Rioja Wine Diploma, Diploma in Rioja Wine for Trade and Distribution, Diploma in Rioja Wine Tourism and  Rioja Wines Certified Educator), whose subjects will be taught online via a very intuitive and interactive e-learning platform.

Rioja Wine Academy on-line classes

Active from  Tuesday, 11th February and the only course that will have certain admission requirements and criteria will be the Official Rioja Wine Certified Educator course, which will now be focused on people working in education and/or training.
The other courses can be studied on the Rioja Wine Academy website and enrolment will be free of charge, without any cost for people who are interested.

For further information go to www.riojawineacademy.com