Dec 14, 2021

Diploma in Wine Tourism Management of Sustainable Destinations

Universidad de Aconcagua in its third edition of the Diploma in Wine Tourism Management invited Universidad Católica de Salta to offer an online training. Both leading universities responding to the high academic standards of the world’s demands.

The UDA (Universidad del Aconcagua) supported by UCASAL (Universidad Católica de Salta), developed the online diploma in Wine Tourism Management of Sustainable Destinations with double certification. This diploma responds to the growing demand of the wine tourism industry and impact of the continuous improvement of national wine tourism, This training of excellence will offer distance training in order to take into account the current context. The Diploma in Wine Tourism Management of Sustainable Destinations is an unprecedent university education, unique in the market. The first edition was sucesfully developed in 2019.

 Diploma Wine Tourism Management Sustainable

Wine tasting in a winery

This diploma is aimed at professionals interested in deepening and update their knowledge regarding wine tourism management. It is also suitable for graduates of technical degrees or degree courses in tourism, hospitality, gastronomy, tourist guides, sommeliers, commercials, among others.

Teaching staff of excellence

The courses will be given by renowned professionals from Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Salta, Tucumán and Chile. Their wide experience and intensive training will offer solvency and tools to promote professional insertion of assistants.


  • Incorporate updated information and tools necessary for the development of tourism management.
  • Elaborate a  marketing plan and develop different channels
  • Develop the capacity for management, planning and promotion of destinations.
  • Detect opportunities in dynamic tourism contexts in order to manage sustainable for new scenarios.


  • Professionals interested in deepening and updating their knowledge in management of wine tourism projects that bet on training as path to professionalize Argentina wine tourism.
  • Tourism, hotel, gastronomy, sommeliers or commercial carrer graduates.

Course hourly load:

200 hours of training

4 month duration

9 online modules with updated and useful information of the development of wine tourism with the most updated tools in e-learning and final face to face module with experiential field work.

Integrative work throughout the course of the hand of a specialist profesor. Each student will receive personalized training for the development of an integrative work applying the knowledge aquired to a real case.

 Diploma Wine Tourism Management Sustainable

Pic nic in  winery garden


  • What is wine tourism? Public management of wine tourism destinations.
  • Cuture of Vine. Wine and Olive. Cultural heritage and regional identities as resources for the development of wine tourism.
  • Wine tourism as a business model. National situation and world. Tourism quality management and guidelines.
  • Fundamentals of sustainable viticulture and oenology
  • Comprehensive communication for promotion and strategic Marketing analysis and consumer trends.
  • Strategic management and evaluation of profitable projects.
  • Tools and development of a wine tourism marketing plan.
  • Planning of the wine tourism offer: product management and sustainable and profitable experiences as an attraction for the wine tourism wine.
  • Designing of sensory experiencesas as an attraction for the wine tourism sector.


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