Jun 01, 2022

Dive into a world filled with passion at Adrian & Diego Mathier Nouveau Salquenen AG

With an irresistible charm, Adrian & Diego Mathier Nouveau Salquenen AG invites you to discover the history, passion and quality behind its great wines. Allow the wrought-iron arch to guide you through a beautifully landscaped garden toward the winery, where you can expect to feel a pleasant coolness tingling your skin and fresh scent of wine as you enter the doors.

Adrian & Diego Mathier Nouveau Salquenen AG has been distinguished and affirmed not only for their exceptional quality of wines, but also for their relaxing and calming atmosphere with features such as the impeccable views of mountains with white peaks and the iconic pfyn finges , allowing you to escape into a world of tranquil ambience. The sun’s warm rays highlight the thriving vines across the terrace while the bewitching scent of the fermenting grape juice indulges your palate as you listen to the light chirping of birds. The emphasis on a passionate and authentic experience showcases the reasoning behind their recent winning of the Global Best Of Wine Tourism Award.



A dining experience to remember.


Located in the heart of the wine village of Salgesch, just 900m from the Adrian & Diego Mathier Nouveau Salquenen winery, guests can indulge in locally produced culinary delights in the Barrique restaurant with its picturesque sun terrace and tranquil environment. Pair the delectable flavours of Salgesch, with a pleasurable symbiosis of exquisite top wines produced by the first and best Swiss winemaker of the decade, along with selected, regional Valais specialties.

Adrian & Diego Mathier Nouveau Salquenen


An unforgettable stay.


The welcoming aura of Adrian & Diego Mathier Nouveau AG summons you to stay a little longer, as the spacious and luxurious rooms of their BnB Vino Veritas offer a wonderful view over the Pfyn-Finges Nature Park from their 15 square meter balconies. Thanks to its central location, the BnB Vino Veritas is the ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday in Valais, no matter the season.



Endless experiences call for you.


The sun-drenched Valais brings endless experiences for those who dare to be adventurous and active. Experience the action-packed adventures of hiking trails, ski slopes, mountain bike trails, countless golf courses and many more unforgettable activities as you visit the serenities of the area. The best thing about it – the BnB Vino Veritas is right in the middle of it all.


Whether it’s the Stenchfest, Tschäggättä, Suanen, Alpaufzug or the famous Valais wine festivals, there is an event amongst the unique nature reserves and open air awaiting your celebration. The Valais has preserved their traditions and cultural treasures, as they continue to celebrate with an undeniable passion. Despite the variety and diversity amongst the cultural offerings of each festival, they all have one thing in common: they can be discovered, experienced, and above all, enjoyed by you at first-hand.


A visit to the estate not only provides action-packed experiences but further allows you to appreciate the relaxing and healing effect of the hot elixir of life. The largest open-air thermal spa in Europe and Ovronnaz, no less than 3.9 million litres of up to 51° hot thermal water bubble to the surface every day in Leukerbad, promising unique wellness enjoyment against a breathtaking mountain backdrop.



No matter the season, the Valais presents you with an unbeatable experience filled with delectable quality wines, picturesque views, culinary local delights and endless unforgettable activities. It’s a charming location, made to suit all.


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Photo credit : Adrian & Diego Mathier Nouveau Salquenen