Jul 18, 2022

Explore the historical experiences of Charles Krug Winery

Enter a world of enchantment at Charles Krug Winery. Located in the heart of Napa Valley, as the oldest wine estate it boasts a breadth of experiences, from delectable tastings to historical tours, to jazz performances from the Blue Note Napa. All which have been recognised in their winning of the Global Best Of Wine Tourism Award for 2022.

How it all started

With a desire for opportunity and freedom, Prussian immigrant, Charles Krug met Agostin Harazsty, founder of California’s first winery, Buena Vista in San Francisco. It is here when Krug learnt all the ins and outs of wine in the late 1850s with Capt. Haraszty. However, after a falling out, Krug sought out his own land, leading him to Napa Valley where he met Carolina Bale, daughter of the man who oversaw Northern California’s development ahead of statehood. After marrying Ms Bale, the pair received a wedding gift of the 560 acres of prime land where the winery currently stands.

After a long and noble run, the winery was sold to the Moffett family upon Charles Krug’s passing in 1894. The Moffett’s retained ownership until 1943, when they sold to the Mondavi’s. It now remains a family-owned winery producing estate-driven Napa Valley wines, as the Mondavi family enter their 4th generation.

Charles Krug Winery

Enjoy a dining experience like no other

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Napa Valley winemaking as you enter the beautiful intimate setting of the Redwood Cellar. Renovated in a way that retains its earthy, pioneer character, whilst highlighting a contemporary flair, the 19th century Charles Krug tasting room offers an experience like no other.

Enhance your tasting experience further with a range of culinary delights at Cucina di Rosa. Named in tribute to beloved family matriarch Rosa Mondavi, this dining experience allows guests to pair the regional flavours with highly acclaimed, estate-grown wines, whilst exploring the fascinating history of Charles Krug, and the legendary Mondavi family.

During the warmer months, the winery fires up their classic Mugnaini wood-burning pizza oven just steps from the nearby tasting room, allowing guests to relax on the lawn, whilst indulging in an exquisite pairing of wine and fresh pizza.

Charles Krug Winery


Create a lifetime of memories

The welcoming aura of Charles Krug provides visitors with endless experiences, from intimate private dinners and glamping on the great lawn to spectacular weddings in the historic Carriage House, the iconic estate which is home to many memorable gatherings.

Throughout the year guests can indulge in a range of signature events including culinary classes, Napa Valley Film festival, concerts and outdoor movie screenings, all whilst enjoying the delectable wines of Charles Krug along the way.

Explore the architectural mix of modernism and tradition

In a step towards modernisation, the winery’s original cellar door was renovated into a design full of character, giving the tasting room a sense of ambience whilst maintaining the historical structure of the Charles Krug Winery. The tasting room is equipped with steel beams, modern lighting and updated accents as it enhances the surrounding beauty. The far wall of the tasting room is covered from fall to ceiling in glass, exposing guests to the winery’s cellar filled with hundreds of wine barrels.

It’s portfolio of exquisite wines, architectural advancement, and commitment to enrichment are a few of the many reasons why Charles Krug Winery show great popularity within the wine tourism industry. No matter the time of year, the historical estate awaits your visit to explore all it has to offer.

Charles Krug Winery


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