Jul 30, 2022

La Casona, the Art Gallery of Bodega los Toneles

La Casona, the Art Gallery of Bodega Los Toneles, by Millán Family, is always a very good option to enjoy art, wine and gastronomy, just steps away from the city of Mendoza. This time it presents the befinning of a series of seminars related to the analysis and history of art.

Mendoza, July 2022. Bodega Los Toneles of Millán Family, has a new proposal at La Casona (Cultural Heritage of the province of Mendoza)

The old family house is today its greatest treasure. Since 2019, the gallery has been the home of locar artists. The exhibit’s  direction is in charge of the third generation of the Millán Family, Melisa Millán, a plastic artist and  a designer. Melisa, carries out the curatorial work and vernissages.

In 2021, La Casona won the most important regional price, the Best Of Award, within the framework of the Great Wine Capitals Network, positions it as the best “Art and Culture” space for wineries in the province.

Today the classic, elegant and romantic spirit of the Belle epoque is maintained and they are open to all types of visitors who experience a tour in which history, art, culture and architecture converge.

This year, 2022, they have the honour of celebrating 100 years of Bodega Los Toneles.

Thanks to the painstaking care of its enhancement, today it represents milestone in Argentina wine history and has become a unique place n Mendoza. The will  visitor experience  a century – old winery in its maximun splendor.

La Casona – Art Gallery at Bodega Los Toneles

Introduction to Modern Art

It is the firt meeting there will be an introduction to Modern Art as historical period. It will  tackle topics such as Impressionism, the Vanguards, the emergence of Conceptual Art among others. Above all, it will be a course that provides tools to understand the art of our days and learn to apreciate it differently.

Gianfranco Ricchiardi, is the plastic artist in charge of dictating the seminar during the month of July, 2022

Bodega Los Toneles – La Casona Art Gallery

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2022 Regional Winner – La Casona