Oct 11, 2021

Poller’s Häusje: Wine love and game cuisine

The red-grey painted house situated in the Mainz district of Gonsenheim looks quite small from the outside, just like a "Häusje" – but inside it is much more spacious than you might think!
Poller's Häusje

The Pollers have chosen a cosy country-house style for the interior.
Credit: Wolfgang-Junglas

Situated in the Mainz district of Gonsenheim, Poller’s Häusje is all about wine love and cuisine. Open half-timbered beams divide the large dining room,  and one floor up, the guests sit directly under the roof beams. Anja and Jörg Poller have chosen a cosy country-house style for the interior: dominated by wood, the softwood furniture conveys a homely atmosphere. By contrast, Anja Poller is very modern when it comes to wine selection: “We live in Rheinhessen where we have the vintners on our doorstep. I live among the vintners and therefore enjoy trying out new wines!”

Wine for the lady – game for the man

The lively patroness picks-up almost all the wines herself from the wineries and is consequently always up-to-date on what is currently ripening in the region’s wine cellars. The networker is also very active in social media. At the country inn, the trained nurse acts as a creative motor: “I sometimes have ideas in my head that Jörg has to deal with!” – is how she comments on her activities with a cheeky wink. Chef, Jörg Poller is actually the rather quiet type – but is very dynamic as a congenial partner in the kitchen.

His credo: “You always have to do it better!” What wine is for his wife, is hunting game for him: for years now, he has held a hunting lease in the Palatinate region, Donnersberg.

German meat with a touch of Asia
Poller's Häusje

Credit: Wolfgang-Junglas

However, if you were expecting the classic roast venison, you would be very much mistaken. Jörg Poller processes the venison in a wide variety of culinary creations: He serves the saddle of roe deer as “surf & turf” with pulpo, a saddle of venison with an Asian touch, and he combines the classic country pork with curry ragout. “Of course, there is also the ‘classic game dish’!” grins the chef: Nevertheless, it seems to be rather more the exception than the rule.

Jörg Poller processes the delivered game thoroughly – sustainability is a big issue for him. He makes wild game ham and sausages himself – the bestsellers on the “SummerTour” of “Pollers Häusje”. From June to August, the Pollers cooperate as ” partners on equal footing” with the wineries during their annual wine presentations. Notably during the Corona Pandemic, the outdoor barbecue events were very popular with their guests. In addition to “Pollers’ Barbeque delight”, the country inn supervises the catering in some of their partner wineries wine taverns. “We have our vintners’ backs!” says Anja Poller knowingly. The partnership between restaurant and winery is worthwhile for both sides: Guests at the winery are happy about “service gastronomy instead of buffet” – guests at the restaurant are happy about a dedicated wine list.

Passion for wine gastronomy
Poller's Häusje

Credit: Wolfgang-Junglas

Anja and Jörg met in Hochheim at the wine festival – where else?! After their first gastronomic experience together in Saulheim, they put their passion for dedicated wine gastronomy into practice in Mainz-Gonsenheim, and have been doing so since 2013. Anja Poller likes to experiment: “We work with 15 wineries, I like to play with the wine list, changing the wines quite often!” The innovative wine connoisseur knows that her clientele like this and tend to follow her recommendation! With her ideas like “Happy Valentine’s Box” or “Fastnachtsspaß im Glas (Carnival fun in the glass)”, Pollers have also come through the lockdown quite well. Anja Poller has the talent to always “make the best of it”. At DEHOGA, she is also committed to regional gastronomy.

Anja and Jörg Poller have more than earned the prize for the Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award 2021 in the category “wine gastronomy” through their passion for the regional wine industry!

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