Dec 16, 2022

Quinta das Carvalhas – An incredible beauty in Douro Valley

One of the most interesting and well known estates in Douro valley, belonging to Real Companhia Velha - through there a lot of Douro history happened. 

Quinta das Carvalhas is one of the most interesting and well known estates in Douro valley, belonging to Real Companhia Velha. It is just in front of Pinhão, and has at the top, the famous round house, now becoming a wonderful hotel unit.

The history of this estate goes back to the time of Marquês do Pombal, around the year of 1756, during the demarcation of Douro as a wine region. An estate full of history – through there a lot of Douro history happened.

Till nowadays.

A fantastic localization, always surrounded by Douro, those hills full of vineyards, olive trees and a great variety of other kind of trees and plants, lending a wonderful border to it all.

During the visits to this estate we may even do a picnic or have a stop in a plateau formed by old ruins, now arranged not only for the enormous Douro landscape observation, but also as base to taste some wines in the company of traditional delicacies.

You can also appreciate all that on board of a mini bus without sunroof, in a very interesting and challenging photographic safari.

At the new hotel, on top of the estate, the landscape is overpowering, in a 360 degrees view.

It is all Douro!

Young Guns Wine Portugal

Owned by Silva Reis family since 1953, the third generation is now strongly present in the whole Douro company universe, especially at Quinta das Carvalhas, where they produce some of their best and most appreciated wines. That have behind an incredible work of a team of viticulture and winemaking that has been developing a lot, bringing the wines of the company to superior levels, whether still wines, sparkling wines, Port wines and even late harvest wine, when it happens. Soil research, study of old vineyards, sometimes very old vineyards, appreciating their evolution and capacity for adaptation, and so many old wine tastings, that can tell you a lot about their aging and evolution when they are properly preserved.

But also the plantation of new vineyards, according to the business strategy of the company, allways with respect of  nature appointments.

The estate and its vineyards go from the river level up to 550 meters high, providing great variety in terms of  evolution and maturation of the grapes, of the huge amount of grape varieties they produce in the estate, some of them being rare cases.

To get that great variety of results, in terms of flavor and taste, it is essential all the vegetal environment, from plants and trees of several magnitude that, together with the soil characteristics, mainly slaty, provide very different results. And always of great quality, sometimes even surprising.

But to know the vineyards it is necessary also to know the vegetal environment, and that is the work of a viticulture team led by Alvaro Martinho, a man from Douro, that many times makes the difference.

Whom, together with the winemaking team led by winemaker Jorge Moreira, provide the wine presses with top class grapes, in perfect maturation conditions.

Knowing the estate for many years, Álvaro Martinho knows every corner, all kind of plants, the great variety of soil, the weather, the winds, the sun exhibitions, at last, he knows Carvalhas estate as if it was a son. That he loves so much, very much, to the point that many times he is the one that shows the estate to many and many tourists that visit Carvalhas. At the end, he is also the one that invariably does wine tasting of some wines and Port wines to the ones that visit them.

Tourists leave with a great lesson about Quinta das Carvalhas and Douro wine growing, which is good to dignify the whole Douro valley.

But even after harvest time and “baskets are washed”, there is a lot of work to follow up the vineyards during the rest of the year. So that they get their work back, after a well-deserved rest, so that they can always supply the grapes with the requested quality.

It is also very interesting to enjoy the estate during Autumn and Winter, when vineyards get undressed to rest. Old vineyards are beautiful, with their twisted trunks, providing a special look to the landscape, always with the touch of the great variety of plants and trees and the calm of the Douro river, down there.

An incredible beauty…


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Text by José Silva
Photos by Quinta das Carvalhas