Oct 13, 2022

Don’t beat around the bush

With excellent cuisine and an unique overall ensemble, "Tacheles Landrestaurant" near Mainz earned the prize for the Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award 2022 in the category "Wine Gastronomy".
Inscription on a barrel at the restaurant

Inscription on a barrel at the restaurant. Credit: Landrestaurant Tacheles

The word “Tacheles” comes from the Yiddish language, translated it means goal or purpose. You could also say “not beating around the bush” – this is corresponding exactly to Diana Schmitt’s cooking philosophy: she prefers to stir the pot. “Tacheles is not just a name for me, it’s a plan of action!” she proudly explains. The dishes in this country restaurant are straightforward – and to the point.

Diana Schmitt

Diana Schmitt. Credit: Landrestaurant Tacheles

When dreams come true

Becoming a chef was for the Rheinhessen native a childhood dream. In 2018, Diana returned to the family business after her apprenticeship. There, in Flörsheim-Dalsheim in Rheinhessen, she now spoils her guests with traditional country cuisine – in modern perfection. Whether it’s roulade of venison just like grandma used to make, or braised pork cheeks: the down-to-earth dishes are a perfect match for the region and the Rhine-Hessian wine.

Coming home with experience

The chef learned her trade in renowned establishments with excellent chefs such as Karl-Emil Kuntz in Herxheim-Hayna, the Meurer brothers in Großkarlbach, Karl-Josef Fuchs in Münstertal / Black Forest and Alexander Kunz from Saarland, who have set standards in fine country cuisine in southwest Germany. Diana is now putting her experience into practice in her own restaurant providing straightforward cuisine with regional products.


Schmitt family

Diana Schmitt with her parents in the garden. Credit: Landrestaurant Tacheles

“Diana” is also the name of the goddess of hunting – very apt as together with her father Peter and her brother Daniel, Diana too is an avid hunter.


wild boar burger

Wild boar burger. Credit: Landrestaurant Tacheles

Delicious game specialities, such as roast venison, wild boar burger in summer, and venison pot in autumn are highlights on the menu. They come from their own hunting grounds.



The historic Weedenbornerhof in the centre of Flörsheim-Dalsheim has been owned by the Schmitt family for 235 years. The modern interior design of the country restaurant corresponds to the straightforward orientation of the cuisine. Mother Gabriele is responsible for the service and the guests can sit comfortably on the garden terrace, which is also used for events.

room in the guest house

One of the rooms in the guest house. Credit: Landrestaurant Tacheles

Tacheles restaurant and guest house

Tacheles restaurant and guest house. Credit: Landrestaurant Tacheles






Certificated 4-star-guest house

The typical Rhine-Hessian family business offers much to pamper its visitors: Three holiday flats and six double rooms are available for overnight guests in the Schmitt guesthouse. This renovated listed building was once Peter Schmitt’s parent’s house. The interior design is in keeping with the modern, tasteful orientation of the business. The Schmitt family has been growing grapes for over 200 years – son Daniel and his wife Bianka, one of the pioneers of the natural wine movement, work the 16 hectares of vineyards which has been Demeter certified since 2012.

Original wines
covered wagon rides through the vineyards

Covered wagon rides through the vineyards are offered, with wine tastings in the countryside. Credit: Landrestaurant Tacheles

The wines of the organic winery, “only from grapes”, are offered under exotic names such as “FREI.KÖRPER.KULTUR” or “WILD PONY” and come with eye-catching labels – designed by Bianka Schmitt herself. Many of the exceptional wines are exported abroad – also to world-class restaurants.

In the family restaurant Tacheles, the menu features almost exclusively the high-quality white and red wines from the restaurant’s own vineyard. But there is also a wine in the Bocksbeutel: from Franconia, the home of mother Gabriele Schmitt.

The Schmitts offer enjoyable events: from covered wagon rides through the vineyards to wine tastings in their “Wingertsheisje”.

Vitello Tonnato with meat from deer

Vitello Tonnato with meat from deer is another “Tacheles”-speciality. Credit: Landrestaurant Tacheles

The “Landrestaurant Tacheles” and “Gästehaus Schmitt” have more than earned the prize for the Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award 2022 in the category “Wine Gastronomy” with this unique overall ensemble.



More information

To learn more about “Tacheles Landrestaurant” visit the website.

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