Jul 16, 2021

Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani: an expression of the terroir and of a grand passion

The Bertani family’s generations of winemaking experience have helped to form a unique philosophy for the creation of fine wines, through meticulous care of the vineyard, sustainable viticultural methods, traditional techniques, Veronese varietals and the adoption of current innovations. Careful work in the cellar and long aging serve to preserve the product of the vine, bringing a distinct balance to our wines as well as elegance and a great potential for aging in the bottle.
The Arbizzano di Negrar Estate

These hills are dear to Bacchus”—Ippolito Pindemonte

In the heart of the Valpolicella Classica rests the elegant Villa Mosconi Bertani, historic vineyards and birthplace of the Bertani family’s Amarone and Valpolicella wines. Since the XVI century this elegant estate has been known for the production of fine wines, for the excellence of its walled vineyards, the ample fruttaio for drying of the grapes and the extensive cellars ideal for long-term aging. To further honor this exceptional terroir and its indigenous varietals, the Guyot method, with its emphasis on high density, low yield harvests, was adopted in the 1800’s. In the 1700’s, winemaking and humanist culture came together in the literary salon led by Ippolito Pindemonte, hosted in the frescoed rooms and gardens of the Villa. The Bertani family still preserves some of their unique selections of varietal clones and traditional winemaking techniques.

Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani was awarded as Best Of Wine Tourism 2021 Regional Winner in the category “Architecture and Landscape.

Tenuta Santa Maria

The Colognola ai Colli Estate

Elegance over strength; complexity as an expression of our terroir… because each wine should reflect its territory.” – Gaetano Bertani

The estate in Colognola ai Colli is located in an ancient, picturesque village with Neolithic and Roman history, just 14 kilometers east of Verona. The property rests at the opening of the Illasi Valley, between the Valpolicella DOC and the Soave DOC areas, renowned for its winemaking traditions. More than 20 hectares of vineyards surround a splendid farm house from the 16th century. On these lands —ideally suited for viticulture— we produce the Garganega grapes for our Lepiga Soave, the Merlot for our Decima Aurea and the Chardonnay for our Torre Pieve.

Tenuta Santa Maria 2


We are open for guided tours and wine tastings at the 18th-century Villa estate in Valpolicella Classica, where you can visit the Villa’s frescoed Chamber of the Muses, its gardens and walled vineyards, the drying room and the historic monumental cellar.
We also host corporate and private events, with the possibility of organizing lunches and dinners in the fairytale setting of Villa Mosconi Bertani and its gardens.

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Fact Facts

LocationLocation: Località Novare 1, 37024 Arbizzano di Negrar (Verona).

Tripadvisor Tripadvisor review: “The best! A great place for a good and refined wine tasting. The guided tour to the winery was very detailed. Trained personnel.” (Translated from Italian). More reviews:  TripAdvisor

Delicacy Local delicacy to try: Risotto all’Amarone and handmade fresh tagliatelle pasta with game meat sauce.

Surrounds to experience: The Villa estate in Valpolicella is just minutes from the historical center of Verona, close to Lake Garda and to the Lessini mountains for every kind of outdoor activity.

Best time to visit: Spring and summer are great moments to enjoy the estate. Fall season is a magical moment to visit, to admire the grapes for Amarone drying on our “arelle” wooden tables and the fall foliage in the romantic park.



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