Mar 11, 2022

The Magic of Bodegas Vinícola Real – 200 Monges

A magical experience filled with love and honesty, where you find passion for the past and high expectations for a future of respected heritage.

Bodegas Vinícola Real – 200 Monges invites you to disconnect from the realities of life and embrace the storytelling wines of the Bilbao-Rioja region.  

Celebrating 30 years of wine, love and culture.  

As we enter 2022, Bodegas Vinícola Real – 200 Monges celebrates their 30th anniversary. Since its opening in 1992, Bodegas Vinícola Real – 200 Monges have gone from strength to strength, building an enviable portfolio of wines, peaceful environment, unique culture and opportunity to explore the historical sites of its surroundings. All which have been recognised in their recent winning of the Global Best Of Wine Tourism Award for 2022.  

“During the last years we have been working with bio wines to open our brand to our statement of purpose: to be respectful to the earth we came from.” Daniel Rodríguez Pascual said.  


An escape from reality.  

As you enter the beautiful Bodegas Vinícola Real – 200 Monges environment you will find yourself escaping the realities of life and diving into the peaceful aromas of the hotel-boutique located inside the winery itself.  

Beyond the certainly peaceful serenities of the hotel-boutique, visitors can further indulge in an outdoor experience by sipping away their afternoons with a glass of wine surrounded by the never-ending sights of red mountains and wild flora.  

Whilst you enjoy the relaxed ambiance of the environment, you can explore the storytelling of local, personal and family history. The experience visitors enjoy at Bodegas Vinícola Real – 200 Monges connects with the winery’s roots in Albeda de Iregua (La Rioja, Spain) by telling the story of the extinct Monastery San Martín of Albeda de Iregua, one of the most important cultural centres in the medieval Spain (10th Century). This story is the reason behind the 200 Monges name selection, putting history at the heart of the brand.  

“We strongly believe in the story of San Martín Monastery that needs to be told and we are grateful to those 200 scribe monks who allow us to root our wines with our village where part of our vineyards are.” Sofía Moreno Domínguez said. 


An experience on offer.  

A visit to the winery allows you the opportunity to experience their ‘200 Monges Route’ where participants can discover the winery, eat local produce and visit the two monasteries known as the cradle of Castilian and World Heritage In Rioja.  

Joining an experience such as this, will enable you to embark on the incredible journey based on the original one of Albeldense Codex which passed in the 10th Century. The 200 Monges Route will allow you to explore the most ancient parts of the landscapes of this region, as they have been made by old monasteries of stone and wild nature fill the roads.  

A trip in Autumn will have you experiencing the colourful leaves of the Bodegas Vinícola Real – 200 Monges forests and vineyards, which are known to be the main attractions in the Rioja region. However, every season of the year reserves special emotions, making the visit recommended all year round.  


With a story to be told and culture to be explored, the winery is a destination equipped for those looking for a peaceful escape into history and the conscious pleasure of accompanying it with a good glass of wine.  


Photos credit : Bodegas Vinícola Real – 200 Monges


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