Nov 23, 2021

The perfectly organised outing!

Great Wine Capital Mainz is a lively city: many tourists visit the vibrant wine city where the friendly metropolis is often booked for congresses and conferences every year. The tourist infrastructure in the city is well developed - but how do you find the hotspots in the surrounding wine region of Rheinhessen? Where are the professional scouts who chaperon guests to the cultural highlights and the best wineries?

It’s simple; of the approximately 250 specially trained cultural and wine ambassadors in Rheinhessen, 15 qualified touristic guides from the “Tourismusgruppe der Kultur- und Weinbotschafter Rheinhessen e.V.” plan and organize excursions, offering enjoyable and eventful trips to the countryside!

Precisely defined day trip packages
Tourismusgruppe Kultur- und Weinbotschafter Rheinhessen eV

Daytrips to the vineyards
Credit: Wolfgang-Junglas

Hermann Ley from the town of Albig is a retired air force officer – he is experienced in logistics and efficient organisation. Together with his fellow volunteers, he plans elaborate and sophisticated day trip packages for small and large groups.

The services are all precisely defined: the duration of the experience, the theme, the number of wines, the gastronomic scope, the price, the number of participants, and so on.

The formatting of the touristic offers help everyone involved in the programme – guides, visitors, tourist offices, tour operators and wineries alike, to know exactly what expectations are associated with which offer and how much it’s going to cost.

For example, the format “Wine Experience” can be booked in two variants: indoors in the winery itself or outdoors in the hilly vineyards – view included!

The ultimate wine experience
Tourismusgruppe Kultur- und Weinbotschafter Rheinhessen eV

Credit: Wolfgang-Junglas

Guests sit at a long table set out in the great outdoors, enjoying the view, the food and the wine! The service is clearly defined: Winemakers have 75 minutes to present at least three wines. The wine tasting should have a theme such as, for example, “Three Rieslings from three different sites”. The corresponding culinary offers are regional. Thanks to sophisticated logistics, the “wine experience” also works for larger groups travelling by bus. Once Hermann Ley receives the requests, he then checks which Regional Guides would be suitable and then sends the request on. The Regional Guides then contact the wineries – and within a day, confirmation is received as to which winery is able to organise and put on the event.

However, it is not just wine experiences that the tourism group organises; the highlight tours offer visits to places and cultural monuments in “Rheinhessen, where it is most beautiful”-the historic Trullo vineyard cottages, the Fleckenmauer in Flörsheim-Dalsheim or the most spectacular wine views.

Themed tours around the countryside

Also on offer are themed tours such as Medieval Rhinehessen, tours along the river Rhine or a guided tour of Worms Cathedral.

All tours are expertly organized and carried out by the trained volunteer guides of the tourism group.

The Regional Guides also approach wineries and restaurants and provide information about their offers to their guests. Participation is non-binding for the businesses: they register and decide anew with each request whether they have time to host an event or not.

And which tourist highlight does Hermann Ley personally like best? “There is so much to discover – even the locals often don’t know their hometown! My personal highlight is the castle church in Ingelheim, the origins of the late Gothic fortified church go back to the Middle Ages!”

The Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award 2021 in the category “Wine Tourism Service” has been awarded to the tourism group of the Kultur- und Weinbotschafter Rheinhessen e.V. due to their success in building a bridge from the city to the countryside!

More information

To learn more about the “Tourismusgruppe der Kultur- und Weinbotschafter Rheinhessen e. V.” visit the website.

About the blogger:

TV- and wine journalist Wolfgang Junglas is responsible for tv broadcasts such as “The Election of the German Wine Queen” in the entertainment editorial department at SWR Television in Mainz. He is also a writer, president of Weinfeder e. V., president of FIJEV and lecturer at Geisenheim University, Geisenheim.

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