Mar 31, 2021

Unveil the Monverde Wine Experience Hotel

The outstanding Monverde Wine Experience Hotel opened in 2015, standing out as the first wine hotel in the beautiful Vinho Verde Region and a long-awaited desire of Quinta da Lixa – Sociedade Agrícola.

The owners of Monverde Wine Experience Hotel have always defended the idea of developing a wine tourism unit with accommodation based on the assumptions of environmental sustainability and promotion of the Vinho Verde region and the country. To do so, it was necessary to add a strategic offer of products taking into account the quality of the lodging and the Vinho Verde culture, without forgetting the gastronomy, health, and well-being, nature, and culture that enrich and distinguish it.

The hotel was recently distinguished by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network as the world winner, after having won in the ‘accommodation’ category of the Best of Wine Tourism awards, whose mission is to reward innovation in wine tourism in the world’s eleven greatest wine regions. For Monverde, and as Miguel Ribeiro, Monverde Director, declared ‘The whole team is always proud of national and international awards and distinctions. We get motivated to do more and better, but it also means greater responsibility to surprise the customer, no matter if it is the first or the hundredth visit’.

Let us find out more about this awarded and amazing wine hotel!

Incredible and Versatile Accommodation

The hotel is part of a 30-hectare vineyard property and currently has thirty-four rooms, two family suites, and ten experience suites that offer a unique and exceptional natural environment. The charming and spacious rooms designed by Paulo Lobo are spaces where contemporary aesthetics and comfort meet, in a calm and intimate environment.

The ten amazing Wine Experience Suites – which belong to a property of sixteen new units, built last year, called Casa do Avesso – reinforce the focus on tourism and on the idea of savouring nature, cuisine, and wine. Furthermore, it includes new features such as suites facing the vineyard and views in shades of green from the private terrace with sun loungers and private pool, gas fireplace with two fronts, private wine cellar, and outdoor private areas with exclusive offers such as a garden, deck, outdoor rain effect shower or heated pool from solar panels.

Monverde Wine Experience Hotel

In addition, designed and built by architect Fernando Coelho, the idea for Monverde is for it to be ecological, after all, 40% of the investment in the project is of sustainable origin, having been used 85% of property stone. Solar panels guarantee the use of renewable energy, and electric vehicles transport clients on the property to minimize environmental impact and noise. Here, nature overlaps in a harmonious way.

Outstanding ‘Living the Wine Offers’

Since its inception, on the recognized legacy of one of the largest wine producers in the region, the Monverde project has the premise of ‘living the wine’ in its different expressions: in the experiences it provides, in the services it offers, in the activities it develops and, essentially, in the concept it defends – wine as a cultural product and aggregator of different experiences, in shared or exclusive moments, but always something to enjoy.

Each guest at Monverde will find a range of incredible offers that consist of a very complete wine tourism offer, making wine a product and a cultural ambassador. It is possible to learn the history of wine, as well as the production process from the grape harvest to the final product, including the picking of the grapes and the tasting of the wines. It is without a doubt a program of diversified activities with an educational component, but, above all, an entertaining one. To elevate these offers to unique experiences, there are also themed meals, outdoor activities, wildlife observation, workshops, and visits, always with the wonderful landscape as a background.

As for the well-being, the Wine Experience SPA offers a wide range of treatments associated with vinotherapy and indoor and outdoor pools, as well as massages, face treatments, or various hydrotherapeutic circuits that guarantee sensory experiences to its guests. The guests can taste the gastronomy – a strong regional and national pillar of hospitality – in the restaurant with signature cuisine that draws influences from the local gastronomy, which offers local products under the genius of Chef Carlos Silva, who also serves Quinta da Lixa wines, an inspiration to the whole hotel.

According to Miguel Ribeiro, the guests value its incredible services. ‘We are proudly recognized for the hospitality and distinguished welcome we give our clients. I am sure that our gastronomic offer, as well as our program of activities linked to wine and nature, is a key differentiator as clients who are not staying at Monverde also come to us. Our guests also value our SPA treatments inspired by vinotherapy, not forgetting that the new suites make an exclusive experience possible.’

The Past, Present and Future

Monverde Wine Experience Hotel

At the beginning, Monverde Wine Hotel was designed based on the history of Quinta da Lixa and its strong expression in the Vinho Verde production, but the hotel has evolved into a marvellous project with a long and bright future ahead. Therefore, this incredible wine boutique hotel has exceptional present and future plans that always consist in tailored experiences. With the recent expansion, and assured by Miguel Ribeiro, ‘We have reached the number of accommodation units we believe are sufficient to maintain a profitable operation on the property. By reducing seasonality and responding to the existing demand, without limiting the personalization and quality of services, we have an offer we are happy with’.

Monverde Wine Experience Hotel

But the future is always bright since an expansion plan exists with the goal of reaching other wine regions – still under evaluation –, where Quinta da Lixa keeps an eye out for new business opportunities. This expansion will always be based on the sustained growth of its primary activity as producer/bottler and the development of a wine tourism offer of equal quality. The future also involves new programs and experiences that include, for instance, the recently opened sensorial tunnel or a complementary offer with visits to the other five group properties.

As Miguel Ribeiro, stated, ‘There is a characteristic that is part of the owners DNA and that makes Monverde such a special project: everything is thought out by a professional team and analysed with the emotional component of someone who dreamed the hotel before it existed. That is why clients often use items thought up by the owner and designed by the designer or architect to make them feel at home. It is not a comfort designed out of necessity, but with the affection of someone who likes to welcome those who visit us’.

Text and Photos by Wine Tourism in Portugal

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