Sep 10, 2021

Visit the “Cave Alain Emery” in the region of Lausanne- one of our Best Of Wine Tourism

The Emery Family has been producing quality wines for over 125 years and through 5 generations. Tradition, know-how, elegance, passion and emotion are distinguishing the two brothers’ commitment to maintain the heritage of wine producing.

Today the winery offer ranges from a wine tasting with local culinary specialities to a helicopter tour that takes you on an epicurean experience on a nearby glacier in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Moreover, the Cave Alain Emery is set in a privileged situation, in the historical town centre Aigle and only a stones’ throw away from the XXII century Castle dedicated to the history of wine making. The visitor is heartily welcomed to discover the wines and the craft of traditional winemaking. Over 100 years old barrels are still used to produce the typical white wine Chasselas, whose grapes have been hand-picked and carried out of the vineyards on men’s shoulders.

A visit in Aigle – recommended by the “Grand Tour of Switerland” – is much more than only a wine tasting. Alain and Marc are offering a range of tailored activities such as a guided walk through the vineyards, including you in their work for one day, offering a package “wine & sleep” or taking you on a helicopter tour from the vineyards to the nearby glaciers. This unique wine tasting, in the midst of breath-taking surroundings on one of the tops of Europe, is without doubt an unforgettable experience.

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