Nov 24, 2022

Walk like a bon vivant

Stefanie Jung had not really expected this: In this fun-loving city and Great Wine Capital of Mainz there were only a few city tours on offer for gourmets! So, in 2016, the Mainz author began offering guided tours to wine & culinary hotspots in her hometown herself.

Guided tour, Best of Mainz, Credit: Wolfgang Junglas “The First Mainz Wine Walk” was the original title for the concept of her epicurean city tour – and is still a successful concept to this day! The experienced journalist accompanies her guests on a three -hour tour visiting three different locations in the wine city situated on the banks of the river Rhine.

Off the normal “beaten track”, they walk to a traditional wine house, to a vinotheque, and to a “cool” modern-style wine bar. The locations are always different – the Mainz wine scene is lively one and constantly evolving.

At each of the stops, there are three wines on offer and tasty snacks to accompany the wines, with the respective hosts describing the wines in detail. Stefanie Jung entertains her guests during her guided tour by telling amusing and interesting past and present stories about Mainz as a wine city.

Locals discover their city

Reservation for Best of Mainz, Credit: Wolfgang JunglasAt the final stop, the “First Mainz Wine Walk” comes to an end. However, it’s not unusual that the guests remain happily seated instead of going home because the company is so pleasant. There is a maximum of 15 participants – so the groups remain manageably individual.

The idea has developed into a successful business model: In addition to Stefanie Jung, there is a team of competent Best of Mainz guides who take care of the city tours. The combination of wine tasting, culinary experience, tips for special wine locations, individual support, and cultural education, is received enthusiastically by the guests. Wine tourists from afar feel that they are in good hands. The “Best of Mainz | Stadtführungen & mehr” – tours is also available in English and Spanish. Amazingly however, the strongest customer group actually comes from the city itself. And from the surrounding areas of Rheinhessen: “The locals are rediscovering their city and visiting wine addresses with us that they have never been to before,” Stefanie Jung reports.

Stories instead of pure Facts

Guided tour, Best of Mainz, Credit: Wolfgang JunglasHow to make people happy – the author of a dozen books has a lot of experience in this field. “Places of Happiness in Mainz”, “111 Places to visit” and “Mainz. Das Heimat-Quiz” are just a few of the titles that deal with the advantages of discovering the city.

During the Corona pandemic, the company made do with a pop-up shop in Mainz’s old town. And they began offering virtual wine walks through Mainz. But weekly guided tours are now once again taking place. They can be centrally booked over its own website. “Stories instead of pure Facts” is the loosely translated motto with which Stefanie Jung also inspires wine tourists for Mainz, with easy-going tours such as “From the Romans to Chagall to Wine”.

Inspired by her “Best of Wine Tourism Award”, the creative artist has included the “Mainz Great Wine Capitals-Walk” into the programme.

Great Wine Capitals Tour

Guided tour, Best of Mainz, Credit: Wolfgang JunglasShe guides her guests through Mainz in the footsteps of the Great Wine Capitals. Together they visit addresses that offer international wines from the GWC regions.

The group is able to enjoy wines from Veneto and Verona at the Markt, wines and products from South Africa at the “Cape House”. The culinary finale takes place at the creative cooking workshop “Tischdecker”. “Der Weinschmitt” is a welcome guest with his Great Wine Capital wine package. Hans Peter Schmitt has wines from all ten Great Wine Capitals on offer. And Stefanie Jung has a story to tell about every one of them: from A for Adelaide/Australia to V for Valparaíso/Chile and Verona in Italy.

The prize for the Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award 2022 in the category “Wine Tourism Service” is well deserved by the “Best of Mainz” team with their dedicated wine tours through the city of Mainz.


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To learn more about “Best of Mainz” visit the website.


About the blogger:

TV- and wine journalist Wolfgang Junglas is responsible for tv broadcasts such as “The Election of the German Wine Queen” in the entertainment editorial department at SWR Television in Mainz. He is also a writer, president of Weinfeder e. V., president of FIJEV and lecturer at Geisenheim University, Geisenheim.

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