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Regional Winner - Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices - Mendoza

We believe in a sustainable world. From Chachingo we are consistently working at achieving this goal.

Since Casa Vigil opened its doors to receive Mendocinians and tourists, we started working on Sustainability. Four conceptual working areas were defined:

- Artists’ house.

- Cult wine and Product-based Cuisine.

- Natural, family environment.

- Sustainable House.

All these working areas are correlated and have one ultimate goal: turning Chachingo into a sustainable destination, where each inhabitant feels happy and proud of the place they live in. This way, they will transmit to other visitors the true identity and love that circulates in this place.

Our sustainability work essential basis is to develop the community we inhabit: Chachingo, a place located in the department of Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina.

Based on the concept of Local Development, we’ve started to carry out sustainable practices related to environmental protection and Chachingo inhabitants well-being.

Local Development Concept: It’s based on identifying and taking advantage of the resources and endogenous potentiality a community, neighborhood or city has. Endogenous potentiality refers to economic and non-economic factors. Examples of the latter are: social, cultural, historical, institutional, landscape resources. All these are key factors involved in the process of local economical development.

With these concepts in mind, we created a sustainability policy:

VISION: Provide a sustainability model based on Wine Tourism and Ecotourism experience-based activities at the winery, which contribute to the community wellbeing and the sustainable development of this region.

We are committed to taking care of the environment through concrete actions that are documented and communicated both inside the company and to our community through the media.

MISSION: Establish working programs for both internal and external activities that benefit our community and tourists wellbeing and contribute to our human capital. Preserve and protect our natural resources. Facilitate interaction among Casa Vigil natural environment elements to create a working philosophy based on sustainability actions. Integrate the whole value chain, tourists, clients, suppliers, local community, in order to encourage sustainability practices, mitigation and adaption to the environment. Our committed strategic allies will be Maipú local government, Chachingo neighbors, our suppliers and members of our company, from management to back-up personnel.

Aims we pursue:

. Waste recycling works

. Water management and water footprint

. Sustainability awareness and educational works

. Sustainable corporate culture

. Development of tourist products with an Ecotourism profile within Wine Tourism

. Permanent education and training in every level of the organization

. Continuous inclusion works in the local community

. Consolidation of healthy product based cuisine through the creation of an organic garden

 Works we have carried out on the local development of the Chachingo Community:

. Foster sustainability practices

                . Recycling

                . Cultural actions with the community - Chachingo School

                . Organic vegetable garden - Product-based cuisine


Foster sustainability practices:

1- EarthCheck Evaluate

We work with EarthCheck Evaluate, a program that recognizes organizations that engage in sustainable practices. This simple, practical tool is perfect for operators who wish to become green, clean and more socially responsible. Evaluate assesses an operator’s economic, social and environmental impact.

EarthCheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. Since 1987, it has helped businesses, communities and governments to deliver clean, safe, prosperous and healthy destinations for travelers to visit, live, work and play. 

In May 2017, we welcomed international experts in our province in the framework of the Forum of the Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean on Sustainable Development and Casa Vigil gave a presentation on its sustainable practices.

2- Recycling

We have started a continuous training process that involves every member of the winery. This way, our employees know how to separate waste. We deliver our waste to recycling plants in Maipú and with the money we get from this we have managed to make repairs in Chachingo School, where many of our employees have gone to.

3- Cultural actions with the community - Chachingo School

. Charity events

. Healthy snacks

. Celebration of Children’s Day

. Celebration of Teacher’s Day

. School building repairs

. Renowned Mendocinian artists who usually exhibit at Casa Vigil such as Cecilia Prato, Natalia Sánchez Valdemoros, Osvaldo Chiavazza and Paula Vázquez, painted with their art the walls of the school.

. Fundraising paella

. “De PuraCepa” Exhibit: With every season change, Casa Vigil exhibits works of Mendocinian artists. With our 4 exhibitions a year, we try to show visitors the creative potential of Mendoza. This is a cultural and social event to which Chachingo neighbors and their families are invited.

4- Organic garden

. Family tradition

. Product based-cuisine

. Appreciation of resources

“The conservation and management of biodiversity is not possible without the preservation of cultural diversity”

Preservation of the potential of productive natural resources:

. Species

. Crop management

. Irrigation

. Cultural works

. Harvest

5 - Product-based Cuisine

It highlights the excellence of raw material in its purest state, being hardly manipulated by the chef.
Eco-cuisine is one of the latest trends. It is linked to sustainability and environmental care, which stands for the use of eco-friendly products and it is increasingly widespread.

Our Great Learning Process:  Thinking in a sustainable world implies working and looking out for others. By others we mean our community and the tourists that visit us. Creating a sustainable destination means listening to Mother Nature’s commands and carrying out actions based on local development.







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